1993 Miss Universe Dayanara Torres talks effects of social media on pageants – Los Angeles red carpet

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See the source image Former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres attended the premiere of “Linsanity” documentary at the TCL Cinemas last Thursday, September 19, 2013. While she’s been busy with various projects, she was asked her thoughts on the negative comments on social media regarding the win of Nina Davuluri for the 2013 Miss America crown. Torres admitted that she hasn’t had time to watch many beauty pageants including the recent Miss America which crowned to first American of Indian descent. However, the Puerto Rican beauty chimed in on the effects of social media on beauty pageant results, “I think with social media its difficult because it kind of gives them that protection for them to say what they want to say that they wouldn’t say in front of the faces (of the contestants). It gives that power to say and maybe say a little too much or make their opinion a little too big without thinking of the consequences and who they might be hurting.” Torres adds, “It happens in every pageant, in every game and no one is completely happy and it’s just part of life.” The beauty queen turned actress, model, singer and writer who had been a popular figure in the Philippines recently starred in her own film “200 Cartas.” She hopes to return to the island nation with plans to premiere her film there.

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