Day: April 4, 2021

Facebook – marketing through facebook themes

From the dawn of facebook, people have always shown their true human nature by striving to be unique – in a crowd of millions. Facebook Themes are the hottest thing to hit social networking since the casual gaming boom – with hundreds of thousands of users now spending their time customizing their facebook themes – from changing their colour schemes and backdrops, to completely reimagining their facebook layout. Custom templates are currently hot in the 18-30 age demographic, and has a minor bias towards the male population.

From the ages of user-run communities onwards, no social networking arena has ever given a person “full control” over the creative aspect of their page – users have always had to turn to the techies behind the scenes. The same case is made for facebook, as software developers promote Chameleon Tom, a program designed to allow users to quickly “skin” their facebook themes, and spin their own unique facebook layout. Since the release of Facebook skins in late 2009, there have been hundreds of thousands of users hopping on the bandwagon to show off their creative side.

While this opens up a new avenue of exploration for users, it also showcases new opportunities for advertisement and brand awareness across the social media arena. An Industry can now fully gain control over their landing pages – meaning instead of a generic pale template, a potential client can now be greeted with colourful pages bursting with creativity, creating an instant brand awareness. A fantastic example can be seen with a weight awareness company – compressing their facebook profile to half the original size, capturing the client’s attention almost immediately.

With the opportunity on hand to share and promote individual designs, users may move away from “liking” or “becoming a fan of” their favourite brands, to adopting a full facebook skin based around them. Along with allowing fully established corporations to virally spread through this new strategy, the route for individuals is also increased by the same strength – along with a whole new marketplace opening for professional facebook theme designers. is currently the most popular distributor of free facebook customization tools, and free layouts – paying homage to the software’s power by showcasing a fully redesigned facebook theme as their own landing page, and following up their success with displaying featured themes currently being used – from floral patterns, to late pop icons.

The real hook in the advent of facebook template customization however, is in it’s ease of use – literally no computer knowledge is required in creating these layouts, making their creation and usage easy for even the entry level PC user. This ease of access of course allows the facebook skin boom to continue expanding at it’s near exponential rate.