Apple's IPhone 5s: New Design, Software, and Technology

Apple's iPhone 5s takes the 5 model's sleekness and updates it. An improved camera, sharp processer, great software options, and unique fingerprint scanner are just some of the new features Apple has to offer. Casual users and tech geeks alike can get behind this new model. People looking for an advanced phone that won't be outdated in a year should invest in the Apple iPhone 5s.

New Design

The iPhone 5s comes in a variety of new designs: from the silver model to the all-gold finish and space gray model. These colors replace the classic black model. These models are aluminum with chamfered edges, and they are more resistant to wear and tear than former models, specifically the scratch-prone black phone. The new models have a color-matched ring around the home button, and the Apple logo has a mirror finish that pops with the new design. Apple enthusiasts will note that the home button is no longer curved but flat. Users who invest in the case will note that it is sleek and light. These models come with the traditional 4-unch Retina display. Texts are easy to read, and colors appear sharp. Though the technology hasn't changed much, users will note that the iPhone 5s display offers rich resolution.

New Software

The great thing is that the iPhone 5s has new technology like a fingerprint sensor. Thus, people can unlock their phone or make purchases with a touch of their fingers. This new feature is the future of smartphones. Scrolling through all of the apps is easier thanks to the new interface. The latest models of iMovie and iPhoto make it easy to edit videos and images. Users will love the advanced camera for documenting memories. Larger pizel capabilities mean that that the phone can take improved low-light images. A True Tone flash ensures subjects do not come out looking washed out.

The iPhone 5s is easy to use, lightweight, and sleek to touch. Anyone looking for a fast smartphone with some of the latest technology will enjoy this Apple product. The iPhone 5s is the future. Users will not have to worry about their smartphone becoming outdated.

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