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Mark Flanigan Minute Poems

Number five in a series of unique e-books made available by Three Fools Press / Cover Artwork by Alan Sauer

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Copyright 1990-2007 Mark Flanigan/Alan Sauer/ Fools Press.

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“Even though a poem be a thousand, but made up of senseless words, one word of a poem is better, which if a man hears, he becomes quiet.” -- The Dhammapada


Why I’m Starving 4 How To Hide Your Confusion And Call It Art 5 The Night Tom Brokaw Summed It All Up 6 Boo f*cking Hoo 7 Sylvia, I Tried 8 Why Do Sensitive Boys Drop Acid? 9 Go On, Refute Me 10 At The Strip Club 11 Pretty Sky, Dirty Mirror 12 A Lesson In Juxtaposition And Irony 13 Wish I Knew Loneliness Now 15 Ezekiel Was Traded For A Player To Be Named Later 16 You Wish 17 Exactly 18 Aundré, Are You Mad? 19 Got You Again 20 Had To Hide This One 21 Lies Look Good On Paper 22 The Purveyors Of Night 23 Dances With Wolves: The Poem 24 They Can’t Afford Me 26 That Was Easy 27 I’d Rather Just Go Out The Window 28 Portrait Of The Artist As An Ass 29 What Was Your Name Again? 30 In Defense Of Never Getting Out Of Bed 31 It Was Good While It Lasted, Been Better Ever Since 32 Cliff Notes To An Independent Film 33 You Know What I Mean 34 I Want To Pick My Biographer 35 Box 1281 37 Bon Jovi Didn’t Die For Me 38 Exercising It Diligently 39 Good Thing I’m Popular In Madagascar 40 Didn’t Someone Else Say It Better? 47 Quietly Walking Out Of The Room 48 Prerequisite Epiphany Denoting End Of The Album 49

Step 1. Boil water.

Acknowledgments I need nothing now, never have, and having this, you have yet to harm me. see: here you do not exist, never have, if only because I have lied beautifully.


I Got This On Good Authority live every day like you got cancer ‘cause you probably do.


Enlightenment At The Buddhist Temple nine Buddhist monks dead. the newsman says nothing was taken, nor were there any signs of a struggle.


Codeine Dream I feel nothing but the pain.


Breakdown #9:09 nothing to live for, tonight, and only a microwave to prove it.


Life-Story isn’t it enough to know I used to be optimistic once, I used to think every morning brought with it absolution a new beginning an unforeseeable end; but now I’m just waiting to die, viewing second-run films culled from my only memories, memories marred by the imperfect, morning sun.


More From The Living Dead the human body can sleep indefinitely. look at all the proof.


all the faces looking for one I don’t recognize impossible in a painting this familiar


In A Blue Mirror some mornings everything seems so clear. these are the most frightening.


An Explanation there isn’t much happiness contained in these lines so I’d like to assure you that there are times, like this, after a wave of something has just warmed me over, that I feel quite content. it’s just that contentment seems so dangerous right now.


Step 2. Open baggy. Empty contents.

Friday Night, Bus Stop silk underwear lying at my feet upon the sidewalk like a puddle how is it you came to be here? who is your neglectful master? can I buy you a drink?


My New Roommate Offers Me A Hundred Bucks For Rent do me a favor: don’t burn the place down and we’ll call it even.


Obviously if by chance I die too much tonight then this, this is my last Poem. so you know.


Marijuana Poem #3 now, where was I?


The Healing Meditation for Aundré a can of chili in a dying ocean-side fire not a soul for tens of miles so we may now listen to our own rolling lazily against these rocks which shall one day become grains of sand.


While We’re Looking Away I just thought you might use this as your next diversion.


Dogs she’s teaching my dog tricks ‘cause that’s all she knows.


A Poem While Waiting I turn off the light and pull tight the covers, hopeful my comfort might quicken her return.


The Night Watchmen only we are aware of that murmur in the distance; only our thin, blue hands rest upon the cover of that old- leather scroll; only we, with the sun at our back, are pale as Nosferatu, yet far from being one of the dead.


They Were Just Playing Our Song I didn’t realize that the music had ceased and so I continued to dance, my arm outstretched and strangely empty.


Step 3. Stir with spoon.

Letter To The Editors Of The American Poetry Review just a word or two about myself: I’m eating a cheese sandwich.


For Heidi this is not a love letter, that as you well know would be stupid.... just imagine me a mirror: a mirror which might read “this is not a love letter, that as you well know would be stupid....”


Apostrophe I could speak of my concerns but that would be betraying myself.


In Museums My Favorite Works Are Those That Move surrounded by Monet’s lilies a sea of calm and a silly mantra, “so many fish in the sea so many fish in the sea so many fish in the sea....” but then a small woman passes by.


Autobiography, Epilogue Included I don’t care why I don’t care.


Here you can travel all your life and still never get to where you are.


Unsuspected Phone-Sex Poem time flies in accord with the heart’s pace. and after we have laid it on the line, then hung it up, I sit back, wipe away what remains; smoke then, a cigarette in waiting to be reconnected.


Cross-Country Car Poem popping pills like there’s no tomorrow, and why?


Untitled whisper to a stone your strength and suddenly your shoulders are heavy


What Happens When Friends Try To Quote You “tell a friend your burden and carry the rock?”


Step 4. Let sit.

Personal Ad I’ll do anything once, and everything twice.


Not A Pop Song Poem dying for someone or something is the easy exit. we won’t even mention the other possibility.


The Revolution Is Complete now we’ve all earned the right to be assholes.


Amerikoans short cuts to a crucifiction


you mean to tell me if there weren’t a picture of a woman eating sh*t selling like hotcakes on every corner of town that you wouldn’t buy one too? prove it. I walked on water before he did. I am America.


the gig is up. high court the one most watched and that’s a talk show.


the last now first. you don’t deserve me.


excuse me but I have to do my laundry. now.


I had it all figured out.


but then woke up. couldn’t find a working pen for the life in me....


A Note On The Author: M. Flanigan for Lance the f*cker just makes too few appearances.


One Day

he just walked away with no real sense of desperation

he just walked away without fanfare, without sunset

he just walked away


And To Think All That Time I Thought My Heart Here sittin’ wondering if the perfect moment’s been pissed on when all the while the moment’s been me pissing.


Step 5. Order a goddamn pizza.

About Mark Flanigan Writer/performer Mark Flanigan, a Cincinnati native, has been publishing for more than a decade. His column “Exiled on Main Street” appearing first in X-ray and later online at, he is also well known for his live performances in places as varied as the Northside Tavern and CAC, the latter for the 2005 Cincinnati Fringe Festival. Mark’s column, “Exiled from Main Street,” now appears monthly at, while he also continues to record his first album with musician Steven Proctor. His collection, Not Necessarily God Stories, is presently available at

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Mark Flanigan Minute Poems - · Writer/performer Mark Flanigan, a Cincinnati native, has been publishing for more than - [PDF Document] (2024)
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