Shimano GRX Di2 groupset review (2024)

Shimano GRX Di2 groupset review (1)

VERDICT: Solid, dependable, unflashy – the Shimano GRX Di2 groupset is exactly what we expect from Shimano


HIGHS: Lever design • Modular component • Specific gravel features • Robust performance

LOWS: 11-speed gearing lags behind competitors

PRICE: £1,638.89 as tested

Shimano GRX Di2 groupset review (3)

Sam Challis

Sam Challis is tech editor at Cyclist, managingthe brand's technical content in print and online.Aside from a brief stint as a technical editor for BikeRadar, Sam has been at Cyclist for almost ten years. Consequently he's had plenty of opportunity to test the latest bikes and kit, interview big brands and examine the latest trends.That experience combined with an indefatigable interest in new cycling tech means Sam has developed discerning opinions on what makes a good product.That said, his heart often rules his head – he'll take a lightweight and lively bike over an efficient aero machine any day of the week, whatever the numbers say.Sam is a road cyclist at heart, but in the summer when the west Dorset bridleways and trails he calls home are dry, he'll most often be found out exploring on a gravel bike.Instagram: @pedallingwordsWeight: 84kgHeight: 185cmSaddle height: 79cm

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  1. Shimano GRX Di2 groupset review (5) Alan Salter says:

    Until recently I’ve been riding a carbon Topstone with GRX 2x 46/30 & 11-34. This is a custom build. Shifting is great, the reliability of the front mech shifting is fantastic in terms of chain retention. The rear mech is also crisp & secure.

    What is less good is the durability of the derailleurs. I’ve gone through 4 front mechs (they start sounding ‘asthmatic’ & shortly after fail altogether) & two rear mechs. Also a battery has died.

    Fortunately for me, most of this has been replaced under warranty.

    The Yorkshire Dales terrain is rugged for sure. Nonetheless the kit should be able to deal with this. XTR does!

    Recently I’ve been riding the Lauf Seigla, which is awesome! I’m not a great fan of SRAM though. It works fine but I just don’t like the shifting logic. Chaque a son gout as the French would say…

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Shimano GRX Di2 groupset review (2024)


What is Shimano GRX equivalent to? ›

Basically, there are 3 levels of Shimano GRX: RX800 equivalent to Ultegra, in a mechanical version and Di2, 2x11 or 1x11 drivetrain. RX600 equivalent to the 105, 2x11 or 1x11 drivetrain. RX400 equivalent to Tiagra 2x10.

How long does a GRX Di2 battery last? ›

All Di2 systems run on a single battery and each charge (from flat to full in 90 mins) lasts up to 2,000km, according to Shimano (amateur riders shouldn't need to charge the battery more that four times a year).

Can I use Shimano GRX on road? ›

Now with the GRX line Shimano has made a clear distinction between technology intended for paved and unpaved roads. Better yet, it's all inner compatible, so you can mix and match.

Does GRX come in Di2? ›

Introducing GRX 2x12 Di2, a new addition to our GRX family. Meet the new 12-speed SHIMANO GRX Di2 RX825 series, which includes dual control levers refined for comfort and control, a Shimano Shadow RD+ equipped rear derailleur for better chain management, and a gravel-optimized front derailleur for precise shifting.

Is GRX worth it? ›

With Shimano's Hyperglide + cassettes, the shifting of the new GRX groupset is as good as it gets for a mechanical drivetrain. It's easy to shift up or down the cassette under power, and the wider range of the 12-speed 10-45t cassette gives me just enough gear range for the local gravel and trails I ride.

What is the difference between GRX and 105? ›

The difference between GRX600 and 105 is "variable": some components taken individually might be very similar and there can be overlaps between the ranges (brifters, cassettes, brake calipers,...), but Shimano like to offer their components as part of a system, so GRX offers some combinations that does not exist in 105 ...

What is the difference between Shimano GRX and Ultegra? ›

Ultegra also has a clutch-derailleur (the Ultegra RX) in its offerings, both GRX derailleurs come standard equipped with a clutch. Ultegra is more oriented towards the "road-rider who ventures off-paved regularly", GRX is oriented towards "the offroader who ventures on pavement regularly".

What is the difference between GRX 600 and 800? ›

You are therefore forced to choose between a GRX 600 or GRX 800 crankset with double chainrings. The main difference between the 600 and 800 series is that the 800 crankset uses Shimano's Hollowtech technology, which makes it 100 grams lighter.

What is the difference between GRX 400 and 600? ›

As a reminder, the GRX naming system works like this: RX400 series: 10-speed Tiagra-equivalent. RX600 series: 11-speed 105-equivalent, with additional 10-speed crank option to match RX400. RX800 series: 11-speed Ultegra-equivalent with mechanical and Di2 variants.

What do I need for GRX Di2? ›

Generally a Di2 build consists of the following parts:
  • Front Derailleur (optional)
  • Rear Derailleur.
  • Shifters / brake levers (6 max)
  • Battery.
  • Junction box A.
  • Junction box B (optional, but recommended)
  • About 4-6 Electric wires.
  • Wireless Unit (optional)

Are GRX Di2 shifters wireless? ›

Adopting the technology used in the latest generation Shimano Dura-Ace, Ultegra, and 105 Di2 road groups, the new GRX Di2 has wireless shifters paired to derailleurs wired to a central battery.

What does Di2 mean in groupset? ›

What does Di2 mean? Di2 stands for “Digital Integrated Intelligence” – Shimano's version of electronic shifting. DI2 gives you instant, accurate, lightning-fast shifts the first and every time, at the push of a button. Even in the most extreme conditions, shifting is precise and controlled.

What is the difference between GRX and Ultegra? ›

Ultegra also has a clutch-derailleur (the Ultegra RX) in its offerings, both GRX derailleurs come standard equipped with a clutch. Ultegra is more oriented towards the "road-rider who ventures off-paved regularly", GRX is oriented towards "the offroader who ventures on pavement regularly".

Is GRX better than apex? ›

Other differences

Apex has already been on the market for a while, so spare parts are easy to get your hands on, and if we want to hunt down a particular part of the groupset, it'll be, for sure, much easier than in the case of Shimano GRX. Additionally, we've noticed that Apex works quieter than GRX.

Is GRX 11 or 12 speed? ›

- GRX is now available in both 11- and 12-speed and the existing GRX 11-speed groupsets will continue to be offered and serviced. - The 1x drivetrain features an increased range. Many found the previous 11-42t cassette too limiting.

Is the Shimano GRX compatible with Tiagra? ›

Tiagra 4700 shifters are compatible with GRX RX400 derailleurs (front and rear), but apparently 105 5700 and Ultegra 6700 shifters are not. Interestingly, RX400 rear derailleurs will accept an 11-36 cassette, meaning that the lowest gear on offer is actually lower than it is with 11-speed.

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