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Get Milnaoo Coupon Codes In Facebook

Who else doesn’t have a facebook account? I’m sure everybody has. If you still don’t have any, you better come up with one. Remember, no man is an island. With millions of people around the world that are connected and stay linked to each other, facebook makes it easier to search for more people like friends, relatives, or even a potential romantic partner.

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Facebook – marketing through facebook themes

From the dawn of facebook, people have always shown their true human nature by striving to be unique – in a crowd of millions. Facebook Themes are the hottest thing to hit social networking since the casual gaming boom – with hundreds of thousands of users now spending their time customizing their facebook themes – from changing their colour schemes and backdrops, to completely reimagining their facebook layout. Custom templates are currently hot in the 18-30 age demographic, and has a minor bias towards the male population.

From the ages of user-run communities onwards, no social networking arena has ever given a person “full control” over the creative aspect of their page – users have always had to turn to the techies behind the scenes. The same case is made for facebook, as software developers promote Chameleon Tom, a program designed to allow users to quickly “skin” their facebook themes, and spin their own unique facebook layout. Since the release of Facebook skins in late 2009, there have been hundreds of thousands of users hopping on the bandwagon to show off their creative side.

While this opens up a new avenue of exploration for users, it also showcases new opportunities for advertisement and brand awareness across the social media arena. An Industry can now fully gain control over their landing pages – meaning instead of a generic pale template, a potential client can now be greeted with colourful pages bursting with creativity, creating an instant brand awareness. A fantastic example can be seen with a weight awareness company – compressing their facebook profile to half the original size, capturing the client’s attention almost immediately.

With the opportunity on hand to share and promote individual designs, users may move away from “liking” or “becoming a fan of” their favourite brands, to adopting a full facebook skin based around them. Along with allowing fully established corporations to virally spread through this new strategy, the route for individuals is also increased by the same strength – along with a whole new marketplace opening for professional facebook theme designers. is currently the most popular distributor of free facebook customization tools, and free layouts – paying homage to the software’s power by showcasing a fully redesigned facebook theme as their own landing page, and following up their success with displaying featured themes currently being used – from floral patterns, to late pop icons.

The real hook in the advent of facebook template customization however, is in it’s ease of use – literally no computer knowledge is required in creating these layouts, making their creation and usage easy for even the entry level PC user. This ease of access of course allows the facebook skin boom to continue expanding at it’s near exponential rate.

Facebook – 9 Steps For Network Marketers to Get 100’s of Leads

Facebook is the second largest online social network site, you could generate 50 leads per day if you do it correctly. Facebook is aggressive on spammers (sending out unsolicited advertisement), so it’s critical you know the right way to make your presence.

For starters you want to begin building your profile with a nice smiley picture and fill out your profile info.

“What are you doing?”

Update the “what are you doing” field every day, this keeps people looking at you profile. For example you might say something like:

“_______ is teaching people how to earn 5k per week”

“_______ is teaching networkers to generate 100 leads per day”

The important to remember when networking with Facebook is you have to be consistent.

  1.  Adding Friends

The best way to add friends is to find groups that relate to your niche. One way to find these groups is to search by topics like, “MLM” “Network Marketers”…etc.

Once you’ve joined a group click on members and start inviting people to join your page. Be cautious, if you add too many people too fast you may get a warning. If this happens log off for 24 hrs. It’s best to invite about 30- 50 per day.

Optional: If you want to leave a personal message make sure to use the persons name and Do Not include a link.

Insider Secret: Input the name of some of the “Biggies” in the industry, go to their page and add friends. These are the “Big Timers”

  1.  Groups

Join groups with 500 or more members, you can join as many as you like.

Tip: Join groups for other companies, even though they may not be interested in joining your business, you will be building a list of potential customers. Plus you never know if things may change for that person in the future, and you will then be in a position to help them.

  1.  Create a group

When starting a group I recommend you use your own brand name. (Your unique company name and web personal capture page) It’s Important to use key words in the description.

  1.  Inviting Friends to your group

You want to start inviting friends but no more than 50 per day. Send a personal message like “Hey there fellow networker, join our free training and see how we generate 50-100 leads”. Of course you want to be original with your message.

Do This Every Single Day

  1.  Broadcast Emails

You want to broadcast emails to your group every other day. For this you, want to learn copy writing skills. (I recommend getting on Mike Dillard’s mailing list for examples of great copy writing.)

The more you use these types of methods it shows people you know what you’re doing. You need to be every where to make a presence. The fact that you have a group is impressive and shows people you are a leader.

  1.  Wall Post On Groups

Create 4 short ads, for example…

“Struggling in MLM? So was I until I found this.. 500 leads and $1,000 in 30 days,”

“50-100 free MLM leads daily. Is it possible?” (include your web address)

Post one about 15 min apart.

The key once again (repeat after me) is to do it every single day (Consistency)

  1.  Posting on a Friends Wall

Find one of your friends that seem to be big in business and has a lot of connections. If possible post a video along with a personal note. Be sure you are adding value and never be pitchy, it is annoying. Be sure to use there name and compliment them on there profile.

“Hey David, we’re mutual friends of _____. Great profile you have here. I know your biggest frustration is finding “business builders and leaders. My video show how…”

Also on Wall to Wall post, you can also post something on your own wall and post it to no more than 50 friends at a time.

  1.  Post Videos in Groups.

Whenever you can post a video that is powerful.

Tip: A video introducing yourself and welcoming new friends to your page will go a long way.

  1.  Cross Pollinate with Other Group Owners

You have to get your group numbers up to reach more people and be taken serious. One way to do this is to contact another group administrator with a good number and suggest you recommend each others members to the others group.

Using social sites to market takes time, but be patient and most of all consistent and it can pay off big.
For more tips on attracting leads on Facebook watch this video. Get more great ideas for marketing online by visiting Gerard’s site and sign up for his newsletters.…