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How To Twitter – The Basic Guide

Just before you start utilising Twitter, I want to introduce you to a few of the main features that you may have noticed on Twitter. Some of these features are linked to messages and you may have seen letters and symbols that make relatively little sense. This mini-guide is here to help. First up, a glossary of the main terms of Twitter:


A reply is basically where you want to react to what someone else has twittered by replying to it publicly. If you place the ‘at’ symbol in front of their name (with no space) then what you write back will appear in the replies list on that person’s profile, as well as on Twitter for everyone to read. Large-scale conversations can start this way and it can also increase your followers as people will follow you if you’re twittering something interesting that adds to the conversation. You can find all the replies that mention you by clicking on your username on the right of the screen.


A retweet is simply the name given to what happens when you forward a tweet that someone else has posted. To signal that it’s a retweet and not your own post, you put the letters RT (no space between them) before the tweet you want to forward. As you gain more followers and become more influential in your field, people may ask you to retweet what they’ve said in the hope of obtaining a larger group of followers.

Trending Topics

Once you’ve created your account on Twitter, you may notice the words ‘Trending Topics’ in the right column beneath your profile information. Next to it is an arrow which, when clicked, will reveal the topics that people are talking about most on Twitter. This is done via Twitter Search, which I give you a tutorial on at my site. When you click one of the words in the list, it searches for it on Twitter and shows you a list of the most recent posts to mention that keyword. This is a clever tool as it gives you a concise idea of the trends on Twitter. This will be particularly helpful to all you entrepreneurs out there. The bonus chapter at the end of my book shows you how to use this and gives you even more great tools.

Hash tags

Fear not, they’re not related to the narcotics trade. These are the keywords that are placed directly after the hash or pound symbol (#) in people’s tweets. By putting one of these in your tweet, it makes that word into a link which people can click on. When they do, it will search all the posts that mention that hash tag. Again, this can be useful when you want to determine what people are talking about. If you see a trend that is linked to your site, write something about it on your blog and post a link to it on Twitter so that some of the traffic that’s talking about that subject is directed to your site. If you’re into internet marketing, you can also use this to see what people need before delivering it to them.

One popular hash tag is the ‘Follow Friday’ tag. Every Friday, the good people of Twitter can tweet about the people they like to follow and who they think others would like to follow.


DM simply stands for Direct Message and is the way in which you can communicate privately with other Twitter members, rather than tweeting to all of them at once. You must be following the person you want to DM and they must be following you for you to be able to send them a message. Unlike a reply, these messages are only seen by the person you’re sending it to.

Don’t Sell

Although we are going to be using Twitter for business and as a means to drive more visitors to your site, I need to make one thing clear before we get started. It’s a point that many marketers will disagree with but I know from experience that I’m right, no matter what business you’re in.

People don’t like being sold to, so don’t use Twitter to direct sell to anyone.

However, people do enjoy having their problems solved or to get good information about the sites that interest them. If you only tweet things like: ‘Buy my DVD now’ followed by a link to it, no one will want to follow you and no one will purchase from you. They have to know you, then like and then trust you before they will want to buy from you.

Work on building their trust by providing good information and you’ll be impressed by how many people will become interested in how you can help them. Go to your followers with useful offerings and then let them come to you.

Matthew Duggan is an entrepreneur and social media author. He lives is London and is currently working on a social media e-course.

Twitter For Business

I’ve been asked by a number of my clients to show them how I’ve expanded my Twitter account to over 2000 followers in the space of three months. More importantly, they’ve asked me how to use Twitter to gain more customers to their sites. The key to Twitter success, as indeed is the case for business in general, is to ‘over-deliver’ on value – provide more value for your readers than they would usually get from a service provider in your niche. This way, they know something about you and/or your expertise, which as I mentioned means that they’ve gone from being a cold lead to being an potential lead when they arrive at your site. From this standpoint, they are much more likely to engage with you and your site than if they just came to your site ‘cold’. They will also appreciate you sharing your knowledge with them as it demonstrates your willingness to share with them. I should state here that over-delivering on value does not mean ‘over tweeting’ – by which I mean posting lots of links and stories that aren’t relevant. This is something that will fairly quickly have you metaphorically ejected from the Twitter premises. No, I’m talking about the people who use Twitter to give actual value to those that follow them. Just look at any of the most followed people on Twitter, whether they’re in business or entertainment. They all deliver excellent value and in many cases, they deliver more than people expect. Presenter, writer and witty English gent Stephen Fry has a colossal 1,157,157 followers at the time of writing this and the reason – in my opinion – is not just his celebrity but the fact that he over-delivers on value. Readers expect him to give them a tiny glimpse into his world of filming shows, acting and writing. Not only do they receive this (in spades) but they also get lots of photos, updates and musings which make them feel like they’re getting to know Mr. Fry and what it’s like to be him. They also get to hear about his podcasts and audio books, some of which are free and some of which they pay for. His updates are also marketing exercises for him as well as insightful fun for his followers. Every tweet builds his brand. Actually, the crucial words in that last paragraph for your success when using Twitter for business are ‘make them feel like they’re getting to know…’ and more precisely ‘make them feel’. Your audience wants to feel like they’re benefitting by following you. They also want to feel like they’re getting to know you. Actually feeling that (rather than just knowing it) is the start of a genuine connection with you. For example, you can know that exercising regularly is good for you but you won’t do it for any prolonged period of time unless you connect with it emotionally. If you know that regular exercise will make you fitter and therefore prolong your life so that you have more time to do what you love with who you love, you start to connect with the idea on a deeper level. It’s the same with Twitter and indeed all the relationships you have with your clients (both actual and potential). This is fundamental to understanding how to Twitter. If you can provide advice, ideas or even links to articles that will help them to improve their lives and/or businesses, they will not only want to follow you but also tell others to follow you and spread the word about your work. At that stage they know you and may well like you already. If you continue to produce stuff that they like and that they feel is useful to them, they will begin to trust you too, at which point they are much more likely to pay for your expertise. Most of the Twitterers that will initially be attracted to you will all have similar things in common and therefore have like issues that need solving. This could be literally anything from how to increase their income to how to cook basic meals to finding a good holiday destination. Whatever it is, focus on delivering to them as much relevant, free information as possible to help them achieve their goals. Word will spread that you’re the person to talk to when it comes to your chosen topic and you will gain more followers which in turn will drive more people to your blog on the same subject. Matthew Duggan is an internet marketer and social media author. He lives in London and is currently working on several new projects to help online businesses.…

Twitter Success – Making Your Photo Work

This is probably the most important part of the Twitter set-up process as it’s the first thing that people gravitate towards when they see you on Twitter. You may have heard the phrase ‘People buy people first’. It’s the same in social networking.

I regularly hear people say that they’re not in sales so they don’t need a photo that sells them well. Nothing could be more wrong.

Even if you’re only using Twitter to meet new people socially, your image is what people look at first to determine what sort of a person you are. This is a human instinct that dates back millions of years. We look at someone’s face to see if they’re approachable and to assess their emotions and feelings towards us. We make this assessment hundreds of times per day and it’s as vital on Twitter as it is in real life. Your photo must therefore be a snapshot of what you want people to see, which in most cases is a friendly, bright person who looks like they are open to being contacted. If you are using Twitter for business, this becomes a vital part of your interaction with potential followers.

There are a few little ‘rules’ that I personally think apply to your photo on Twitter or indeed, any social media site. Here’s the lowdown!

Actually upload a photo – This might seem really obvious, but the number of Tweeters who don’t put a photo on their profile is incredible to me. As one of my colleagues in social networking says: ‘You wouldn’t go networking with a paper bag on your head’, so why would you prevent people seeing you when that situation is transferred to the online world?

Looking Good – If you met somebody at a networking event and they’d decided to turn up wearing a grubby t-shirt, three quarter length trousers, old trainers and had a week’s growth of stubble, you’d think ‘Wow, she’s really let herself go’! Seriously though, whether male or female, the way you look is important as people will assess you on it, whether you like it or not. If you look business-like, they’re likely to do business with you. So, find a good picture of yourself that puts across the image that you want potential followers to have of you. Simple really. Even if this just means wearing a shirt or blouse instead of a T-shirt, it will change people’s perception of you.

Logo No Go – A surprising number of business people who run small to medium enterprises have a logo as their Twitter profile picture. Often, their thinking behind this choice is that they want to appear like a larger company to attract more respect and credibility from potential followers. Quite simply, I believe this is an error. Think about it: Unless you are a large multi-national company, they will be dealing with you personally when they do business with you. So start the relationship by showing them who you are and what a lovely friendly individual you are. Don’t hide behind a logo, no matter how pretty it is. Like I said, people buy people first.

Sunny Side Up – For many of the same reasons as having a friendly photo, don’t wear sunglasses. They act as a barrier between you and the outside world. We’re programmed to look into someone’s eyes first when we talk to them and to keep looking back at them as we chat. If I can’t see your eyes, I won’t feel a connection to you. The same applies to social media sites like Twitter.

All Change – Try not to change your photo too much. If you change your look (say, with a vastly different hairstyle) then change your photo. But don’t keep putting up a new photo every week if you still look roughly the same. Having a photo that people identify easily means that they’re actually recognizing you personally, as well as what you stand for and what you twitter about. Changing it is disconcerting for people and can get in the way of you building a rapport with them.

Sensitive Information – It might sound odd, but make sure that your photo doesn’t contain sensitive information about you. For example, a colleague told me that he’d seen a girl’s profile picture (the daughter of a friend) which had been taken outside her house, clearly showing the location and house number. If you click a photo on someone’s profile, it will increase the size of it to nearly full screen size. If anything that shouldn’t be there actually is, it will be seen by people.
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How To Use Twitter Effectively For Lead Generation

In the context of using twitter to directly market your products or recommend products to others (where you get a commission via an affiliate link) you should tweet realistically no more than once per day. In addition to these potentially commercial tweets you will also be posting regular updates on what you are doing.

If you consider your followers on twitter to be your marketplace (prospects) then building a relationship is the key part of the process. As people we buy from people we know, like and trust within out communities locally and the online communities work in pretty much the same way.

As a general guide you should post five tweets before you post anything commercial and then update at least five times before the next commercial message. In some cases this should be increased to ten tweets if you notice an increase in the number of people who stop following you.Respond to your marketplace.

Twitter has the advantage of not being email and therefore not requiring double opt in processes to build up a list.Followers opt to follow by pressing the button and thats the process.

The userbase of twitter is interested in a variety of things, so post variety.It is also demographically mainly male and 40 so post things that are interesting to that audience and you should do ok.

As of today(May12th) I have a click through rate from twitter of 2.3% which is something I intend to build upon.…

Easy Twitter Followers: get more twitter followers

First off, twitter is really loving its position as being famous in the online global world. In the internet world of social networking, Twitter is considered to be in the top 3.

Twitter made its journey and made a name for itself being called ”SMS” of the Internet. They was named this because of many features that the users really enjoy.

In spite of its grandeur that is being looked upon, Twitter still reaches out to gather more users. With its update, it has its eyes laid on more and more follower and allow them to succumb all its features.

If your a follower of Twitter and want to spread its magic, there’s alot of ways to get the job done. To pull this one off you will have to study and collect as much information as you can about Twitter. This may include its history, designer and the struggles it has undergone before it became what it is.

Collecting this data, you can now make a list of your own and own unique style, and take that an do whatever you would like to do with it. You can tell important facts about Twitter, and talk about its benefits & advantages, you can be biased because you are supporting Twitter.

After all the information have been collected and prepared, send it to all your email contacts. Then, add a message that they too should do the same, you can spread it by emailing.

If you are a subscriber to a RSS, you can use that an post an update using your own words. This will help you widen your playing field, and help you reach a much larger audience. By using these different targets it will help you grow your Twitter followers.

So basically, it’s all about word mouth.. You can achieve this by texting, emailing or just by talking to your friends. You can add more good things to twitter famous name to increase it’s followers. So basically, Twitter will be very greatful for your help.…