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T-Mobile Wing and Youtube Videos Unite in Harmony

So you've opened your new T-Mobile Wing. There is so much you can do with this little handy device and you can't wait to explore the Wing's many features.

While you're sitting at the doctor's office, you head straight to for some entertaining web videos while you wait. That Chicken Song video on Youtube is sure to give you a giggle in the crowded waiting room. But then, something horrible happens. You get an ERROR MESSAGE. No streaming Youtube video on your Wing. Here's to a long, boring wait.

Don't let this happen to you. Now you too can watch streaming video from Youtube or any other site with webclips on your T-Mobile Wing. All you need is an install of a program and you're off with your streaming video as your SideKick. Pun intended.

Let's first discuss how this catastrophe has occurred. The T-Mobile Wing has the Window's Media platform. This platform is greatly loved by many. You can copy your favorite videos already on your pc to this little Wing and be on your way. However, viewing streaming videos is not a feature the Windows 6.0 software installed in your T-Mobile Wing has come equipped with.

The many error messages you may have encountered after trying to play a Youtube video have been about the Flash Player, unsupported format, or a corrupted file. Seems like an easy fix right? After getting these messages, I installed the Flash Player, stressed out, uninstalled it and installed it again. Nothing worked. Frustrated and craving some streaming video, I contacted T-Mobile. One of the customer service reps informed me that streaming video won't pass through the GPRS system. They explained that the browser wasn't capable of it…yada, yada, yada. Well, there's a way around that.

After desperately searching the web for an answer, I came across many forums with people having the same issues that I had with my Wing. They had heated discussions about the Wing and theories of why it won't play streaming video. There was also talk about vTap and users who had been successful at streaming video using this feature.

vTap , created by Veveo, seems to have the solution to your T-Mobile Wing and streaming video problem. The Tcpmp player allows you to search, browse and view web clips from all over the web. It installs quickly and is up and running within minutes. The platform doesn't look like the normal Youtube site. It seems to be using it's on browser. It not only searches Youtube video, but a library of webclips throughout the internet.

Here's how to view streaming video on your T-Mobile Wing; Simply go to on your Wing's browser. Scroll down to "Touch Screen Phones" and "Download". I recommend saving this file on your storage card. It helps to free space on your Wing's main memory. I first installed vTap on my main memory, which was already low, and it crashed within the week. I later reinstalled on my storage card and it works fine.…

Get a "YouTube" Background

Many people wonder how when they see videos on YouTube how these people have such awesome looking desktops. Well it's not that difficult to get an awesome looking desktop. The first thing you probably want to do get one of those amazing high quality backgrounds. There are several places from which you may obtain one of the high quality backgrounds. My favorite place to get them is Rocket Dock's website.

Secondly many people don't like the looks of the taskbar so they like to hide it or replace it. To hide all you need to do is right click on the taskbar in a place where there is not a taskbar button and click properties. Stay on the taskbar tab in the menu that comes up and check the box that says auto-hide the taskbar. Then click okay and your taskbar should disappear. To get it back rest your mouse over where the taskbar used to be and it will come back right click and uncheck the box. To replace the taskbar you would hide it and then download any of the many dock programs including Rocket Dock and Object Dock which are among the top rated of the many dock programs.

The last thing is removing some of the clutter on your desktop. This can be done by creating a folder called apps in somewhere in your C drive not in the desktop. After doing that download the stack "docklet" for Rocket Dock if you choose that one and link it to the Apps folder you created. In the Apps folder you created you should put shortcuts to your favorite applications. Then you click the stack docklet icon on the dock and watch the folder unfold with your favorite apps. Or instead of doing all that you can sampling make all the icons on your desktop temporarily disappear by downloading a docklet that I made myself and putting it on your dock. My way also works for any dock you may have chosen. Following these simple steps can lead to a neater, cleaner, awesome looking desktop. Good luck.…

YouTube Mobile Application Review and Latest News

As reported by Daniel Ionescu at Yahoo! News, Google has found a clever and strategic way to compete with Apple by introducing a Web-based YouTube Mobile application. Confused about what this means? Here's the gist of it:

Google owns YouTube, but they don't control the dedicated YouTube Mobile web application that runs on the iPhone — that's Apple's turf. As a consequence, there is some technological friction on the current dedicated YouTube Mobile application, which Ionescu details nicely. The new We- based application promises to smooth out the rough edges for users, irrespective of what smart phone they are using the YouTube Mobile application on.

What exactly is YouTube Mobile, and how does it perform for those of us who aren't necessarily a part of the technorati?

The service, which can be found at, or by entering from a cellular phone with a browser, allows users to instantaneously upload videos that will be accessible to others via the regular site or the mobile site in mere minutes. You can also search for and play back videos from your phone, and distribute or share them via your own personal community. You are likely to find the YouTube Mobile application preloaded on new Droids and iPhones, whereas Blackberry users are limited to the Web- based version only.

My initial impression of the YouTube Mobile application is that it has a great deal of potential, but isn't without significant flaws for those of us who don't have a brand new smart phone. On a Blackberry 8530 that many would view as very "yesterday," I found the application rather slow and clunky to use. The delay was overwhelming, and bordered on the prohibitive. This has been the historical complaint about YouTube Mobile, as explained by Christian Zibreg on Those individuals with Droids and iPhones that boast faster speeds will likely have much better luck working with the YouTube Mobile application.

However, one can't help but salivate over the growing possibilities of integrating the YouTube approach with a mobile platform that a greater segment of the population can actually work with. The ability to instantly distribute and view video content through YouTube Mobile certainly has applications for grassroots political organization. I wonder how the youth protest movement in Iran might use an application such as YouTube mobile.

The core usage of the YouTube Mobile application is likely to remain in the entertainment realm, however. For most of us, YouTube remains a fun way to waste time-and, now, we have a more reliable way of wasting time when we're on the go and not around a full computer system.

The YouTube Mobile application companions nicely with microblogging systems such as Twitter, allowing people to disseminate richer communication en masse. For those who always make sure to be on the ascending slope of the technology curve, they should have no problems making use of the YouTube Mobile application.

However, for those of us who are always a year or two in arrears of the latest smartphone technology, it will take a bit of time to catch up to the needs of the application. The Web-based YouTube Mobile application will help that process, but it's still likely to take some time. Give it another year, and YouTube Mobile should be as commonplace for the majority of smart phone-users as Facebook and Twitter are today.…

YouTube Makes it Evident that the Market for Talented Aspiring Musicians is Saturated

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Among the millions of videos that have been uploaded to YouTube are a massive collection of covers and original songs by literally thousands of amateur artists. To find one, all you have to do is type in the name of a song along with the word ‘cover’, and you’ll find pages and pages of people singing and playing their hearts out in the comfort of their bedroom. Sometimes, you can find literally hundreds of covers of the same song if it is popular enough.

One of my favorites that I have found is a cover of ‘Just Like Heaven’ from ‘The Cure’ performed by Goh Nakamura. It is a great acoustic rendition of a timeless classic that captures the essence of the song. This is a guitar performance, but people are outgoing and you can usually find many variations of of any song with any instrument.

Most of the time you can tell which performances are going to be good by the video rating, or by how many people have watched it. It is unfortunate though that better looking people tend to get more views simply because of the way they look, but so goes the music business as well; Artists are mostly signed on the premise of marketability today and there is not the same emphasis on talent as in the old industry days. It is also unfortunate that among the crowd are some very talented individuals whose only success with music will come in the form of page views.

It is extremely hard to gain popularity even when you have the means to write and produce your own music. The simple reality is that there are just too many musicians out there all competing with the same goal, and technology has made it possible for all of them to have an outstanding demo tape. More than that, even the artists who have reached stardom are struggling to maintain a career selling and performing music.

For a anyone who wants to go to the top, it all comes down to commitment. Even then, the odds of making it big are slim. But, If you’re as committed to your dream as Traci Hines, an aspiring musician on YouTube I find to be very entertaining, then there may in fact be light at the end of the tunnel. In her videos, she captures the very essence of what music is all about: an emotional escape that reminds us of the magic in life.

For most aspiring musicians however, there will come a time when it’s appropriate to decide what things in life make a good hobby, and what things can make for a reliable career. Being a musician myself, I understand the the desire to want to entertain the world around me, and I’ve found that I can do just that even if it means sharing my gift with one person at a time.

YouTube Video of Senator Barack Obama's Speech on Race Grows Fast

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These are the number of hits achieved by Senator Barack Obama’s Philadelphia speech on YouTube. Growing exponentially throughout the day, the clip has reached more than 200,000 hits in less than six hours.

Obama’s speech, which served to focus both on his relationship to former Pastor Jeremiah Wright and to highlight race relations in the United States, has been cited as the most important in his campaign to this point. His relationship with Reverend Wright has been a point of contention since ABC’s Good Morning America revealed controversial statements the Reverend had made during Senator Obama’s time as a member of the church.

In the speech, Obama both distances himself from the Reverend Wright and further clarifies that Wright’s comments were not just “controversial,” but also born from a “distorted” view of the United States that is “simply wrong.” Nevertheless, some critics have stated that Obama did not do enough to distance himself from his former Pastor’s views.

The YouTube explosion serves as further evidence of just how important this speech may be in Barack Obama’s race for the Presidency. The 37-minute speech, too long to be replayed with any regularity on cable news networks, has quickly become a focal point for Senator Obama’s campaign, and the public’s reaction to his strong speech will likely play a role in the fate of his candidacy.

How to Add an Avatar and a Background to Your YouTube Channel

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If you have a YouTube channel, you can personalize it by adding your own avatar and background. This task is pretty simple, it’s basically knowing where to go in order to do it. If you would like to personalize your YouTube channel with an avatar and background, follow the steps in this guide.

Login to Your Channel

You will need to start by logging into your channel. Once you are logged in, go to your channel’s home page.

Select the Settings Tab

Next, you will need to select the settings tab at the top of your page. It is actually a button that says “Channel Settings”. Once you click it, you will see the new box open. This is where you will change your avatar and background.

Choosing an Avatar and a Background for Your YouTube Channel

Before you can add a background and avatar to your channel, you will need to find the one you want to use. As for the background, you can use a number of things. You can use a large background or you can use a small background and tile it. Search the internet and find the avatar and background you want to use for your channel. Save it to your computer and continue on with the instructions below.

Adding the Avatar and Background to Your YouTube Channel

Let’s add the avatar first. Click the “Choose File” button in the avatar section. When the box opens, locate the avatar you saved on your computer, select it and click open on the box. Once you select the file, it will automatically upload. Next, click the “Choose File” button in the background section. Again, you will need to search your computer for the background you want to use, select the background and click the open button. Your background will then be uploaded.

If you are using a small background and need to tile it, drop the box down with the arrow and select how you want your background to be placed on your channel. You can also apply a color to the channel if you do not want to use a background. Simply click the Background Color option and select the color you want to use.

See, it’s very simple, you just have to know where to go. When you are finished and ready to save it, click the Done Editing button in the top, right hand corner. Any time you want to change your background or avatar, come back to this page, click the Remove button and repeat the steps above. Have fun and personalize your YouTube channel!

YouTube '2 Days' Logo Counts Down to 'Life in a Day' Film

A YouTube '2 Days' logo is on top of the popular site today. The YouTube '2 Days' logo will probably just be up for one day, as a "1 Day" logo will probably go up tomorrow. All of this is used to remind users of how long they have to prepare for July 24. On that date, millions will likely post footage of what they did on July 24, as part of a new movie project. The YouTube '2 Days' logo today is just a prologue to the "Life In A Day" project that will unite users around the globe.

On July 24, the popular website wants people to film themselves and post the results. That normally wouldn't be different from any other day, but, this time, it will be seen by Hollywood filmmakers. The "Life In A Day" project will gather the best footage from July 24, and edit it together into a full length movie to premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

As such, a YouTube '2 Days' logo is up at the far left of the site, to remind people how long they have to prepare. Yesterday, it was 3 days, and, tomorrow, it should be 1 day.

The experiment is produced by legendary director Ridley Scott, although he is not the director. Documentarian and Last King Of Scotland director Kevin McDonald is at the helm instead. However, if a user gets his footage from July 24 in the movie, he or she will be declared a co-director. What's more, 20 contributors will be flown to Sundance in 2011 to see the final cut, and to meet McDonald.

As such, the YouTube '2 Days' logo is a hot topic, as is the "Life In A Day" experiment itself. This kind of project was likely inevitable, given how millions have shared their lives and activities on the site. However, the most they got out of it was fame on the blogosphere, and a few million Internet hits that don't pay anything. Now, the best of the bunch on July 24 will be movie stars, which is the next logical step.

The project is also a challenge to Facebook, which is also putting together a collection of stories. After reaching 500 million users, Facebook is asking its users/friends to tell their "Facebook Stories" of how the site changed their lives. They are also being featured in movies, with David Fincher's The Social Network detailing the site's history in October – although Facebook was not involved in making it.

But the YouTube '2 Days' countdown is more immediate, as would-be Internet phenomena can leapfrog their way to the big screen. The site will start accepting entries at midnight on Saturday.…

YouTube's Role in the 2008 Presidential Race

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YouTube is changing the world in many ways. One way in which this entertainment medium, YouTube, should not be underestimated is in the way Presidential elections are won and campaigns are carried out. Not only will we be seeing a larger number of advertisements for and against our favorite Presidential candidates we will begin seeing them sooner than would have been expected in the Presidential campaigns of yesteryear.

YouTube, when it comes to political advertisements is free to use. This means that the costs are much less significant to a Presidential campaign than the cost of airtime on network television or radio stations. YouTube is also viral. The advertisements that are seen once by those surfing through YouTube find will often be shared through emails, blogs, website postings, and countless other methods we have for sharing information such as this in the information age.

With elections more than a year in the future it is amazing to watch as Presidential candidates and those who support them leak videos of debates, news interviews, and hand shaking sessions to video sharing sights such as YouTube and Google Video. In fact, this sort of Presidential campaigning might close the gap that high dollar donations on behalf of some candidates have made in the past.

Through viral video on YouTube and Google all who are willing to hear it can hear a Presidential candidate’s message. You will also find that YouTube and Google video are important in allowing the messages of the various Presidential candidates to actually be heard rather than drowned out by the information on the media favorites. In other words, the underdog just might have a fighting chance with YouTube, Google Video, and the World Wide Web as methods of sharing their message with the masses.

I believe we will see many new things in the coming Presidential elections. I also believe that few of the new tactics and plans we will see will have the impact on the actual outcome of the Presidential race that YouTube will manage to have. In fact, I believe the wide popularity of viral video and sharing information in an age that is dominated by ready access to information is going to change the way in which Presidential candidates focus their attention, their time, and their funds when it comes to the election process.

Those candidates that are ignoring the value of what has become known as Web2.0 are going to be left behind wondering what happened no matter how much money is being thrown into their campaigns. The bottom line is that if you are planning a political campaign you need to incorporate YouTube and other Internet media into your campaign. Whether running an election for county dogcatcher or the Presidential primary, failing to address the vast political landscape of the World Wide Web would prove to be a fatal mistake. Feed the YouTube video machine and it is not likely to bite your hand for doing so.

Top 10 Worst Recent Ads on YouTube

There are a lot of bad advertisements that have been on TV in recent years, but they always seemed to die a natural death. Before YouTube, one could take comfort in the fact that these failed ads were simply lost to the ages. Not anymore. They've been resurrected and posted online to frustrate, aggravate and irate you anew. But perhaps the trip down (recent) memory lane will make it all worth it again.

Here are the worst advertisements on YouTube

Sierra Mist Super Bowl Ad
While this ad made its debut at the Super Bowl in 2004, it saturated American television screens for what seemed like years afterwards. It shows a man and his dog who become so hot that they jump into a pitcher of water below, making their heads "comically" large. Nothing says soda like sweaty man and wet dog. Drink up.

Geico Cavemen
These commercials technically continue to offend, but this is the original one I remember. Call it a spoof of a modern PC culture, but I call it stupid. Even more stupid? The fact that some TV exec dubbed the concept worthy of a pilot.

Taco Bell Dog – Romantic Dinner
Taking advantage of America's fascination with things that are so ugly they are cute, the Taco Bell Chihuahua took the airwaves by storm in the late 1990s. Proof the concept is tired? When the dog tries to eat at a real restaurant. Fortunately, the ads were quashed shortly thereafter by an urban legend that alleged Taco Bell put dog in its meat. Unfounded? Yes. But for once, urban legends were good for something.

Carrot Top for 1-800-Call-ATT
Before he was an annoying Vegas "comedian" he was an equally annoying TV shill. Trust me – you're likely to be able to repeat this commercial word for word. This should depress you.

Jessica Simpson – Buffalos Don't Have Wings
Jessica Simpson sought to monopolize on her "stupidity" by making this ad. All that happened was that I felt more stupid for watching it. And you thought the acting was bad in her movies.

Too soon? Whatever. These commercials sucked and everyone involved knew it. From the questionable camerawork to the slogan itself, this screamed low budget and low effort. How it managed to make it onto network TV is beyond me. How it managed to stay there for so long baffles me more.

Audrey Hepburn for the Gap
While this advertisement was short-lived, it still makes the list due to the sheer preponderance of times it was on the air. Why does this make you want to buy pants? Black may be back, Gap, but we all just wanted to put it back where it belongs.

Justin Timberlake – I'm Lovin' It
This song was spliced in with the early incarnations of this terrible attempt by McDonald's to be "hip" and "relevant" to today's youth. There's a reason why Justin needed to bring sexy back. He lost it with this abomination.

Coors – Giant Man
Drinking beer makes you a man! Drinking Coors Light makes you a HUGE man who can play football in a mountain range! Yawn.

Chevy Silverado with John Mellencamp
This is perhaps the worst ad ever – not just recently. Ever. Try as you might, Chevy, your trucks will never be as ingrained into American culture as the Rosa Parks and the Muhammad Alis you exploit to make this terrible, terrible advertisement. Patriotism is fine. Patriotism does not center around a truck, nor does it center around a washed-up singer with the lyrical subtlety of a 10 year old. What made it worse was that the ad played in some form during almost every single commercial break during each and every football game. I know American football fans may be seen as stupid, but please don't let them be this stupid. Watch at your own risk.…