For Better or for Worse, Technology and Me

Ten years ago I was single, childless, and just out of college. I was also without a cell phone, tablet, and a laptop. How did I ever survive? Pretty easily I must say. Technology has been life changing for me for the better and for the worse.


The biggest impact on my life has been photography. I am not a professional photographer by any stretch, but I have always loved taking pictures. Boxes of old prints, albums and film fill a bookcase in my office if I want to take a trip down memory lane. I no longer need to take a disposable or film camera with me to special events and patiently wait at the print shop to find out how the images turned out. I transitioned from photos of friends and adventures to pictures and videos of my kids that I can view and distribute instantly. I rely heavily on the ease and clarity of using my smart phone for catching the best pictures as well as cropping, editing, and adding filters to alter the images immediately. I do love my digital options, but due to the abundance of pictures I download, I rarely print my images.


When I was younger, I had to memorize phone numbers of my friends or I had a phone book that I could pencil in all of my family and acquaintances. I also wrote down my grocery list just to leave it at home, but could still recall most everything I needed to purchase. Appointments were scheduled on a calendar on the refrigerator. All of these daily reminders or tasks can be easily stored in my smart phone with alerts, and reminders to call your best friend on her birthday. I battle to determine if my life is really more hectic that these notifications are warranted or realize that I just don't take the time to place importance on even the seemingly mundane events and needs in my own life.


As a teenager in the '90s, I could be reached solely at home on our land line phone and even had to seek privacy by taking the cordless phone into my room. Today I can be reached while out at the park, shopping, or on a vacation. I'm available anywhere and anytime I bring my phone with me. If you want to preserve some or all of your privacy, you must set your ever-changing "options" accordingly or make the effort to disconnect from all of the modern conveniences. While technology has been very helpful and eased the stress of life, it has added strain to my ability to preserve the special moments and privacy.

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