Get a "YouTube" Background

Many people wonder how when they see videos on YouTube how these people have such awesome looking desktops. Well it's not that difficult to get an awesome looking desktop. The first thing you probably want to do get one of those amazing high quality backgrounds. There are several places from which you may obtain one of the high quality backgrounds. My favorite place to get them is Rocket Dock's website.

Secondly many people don't like the looks of the taskbar so they like to hide it or replace it. To hide all you need to do is right click on the taskbar in a place where there is not a taskbar button and click properties. Stay on the taskbar tab in the menu that comes up and check the box that says auto-hide the taskbar. Then click okay and your taskbar should disappear. To get it back rest your mouse over where the taskbar used to be and it will come back right click and uncheck the box. To replace the taskbar you would hide it and then download any of the many dock programs including Rocket Dock and Object Dock which are among the top rated of the many dock programs.

The last thing is removing some of the clutter on your desktop. This can be done by creating a folder called apps in somewhere in your C drive not in the desktop. After doing that download the stack "docklet" for Rocket Dock if you choose that one and link it to the Apps folder you created. In the Apps folder you created you should put shortcuts to your favorite applications. Then you click the stack docklet icon on the dock and watch the folder unfold with your favorite apps. Or instead of doing all that you can sampling make all the icons on your desktop temporarily disappear by downloading a docklet that I made myself and putting it on your dock. My way also works for any dock you may have chosen. Following these simple steps can lead to a neater, cleaner, awesome looking desktop. Good luck.

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