Social Media and Customer Service

Everyone uses social media for one reason – to be heard. But who’s listening? In a crowded room where everyone’s talking, sometimes it’s hard to filter out what you should really be paying attention to, and when. Nevertheless, social media provides business owners with a valuable tool – a way to address customer service without fielding dozens of phone calls or emails. One way to approach this is by asking questions: on your Twitter or Facebook, you could ask your clients (or potential customers) what they’d like to see built, done, addressed or accomplished. Then sit back and wait for the responses to roll in, and use that feedback to ascertain what you should be working on next. You could even go one step further – hashtagging in Twitter is a much-used but probably underrated tool when it comes to business management. For example, if I were to ask a question of my audience what they’re interested in or what they want to see, I could ask them to reply to my Twitter post with the hashtag #maenadcreative and keep a column in TweetDeck dedicated to that hashtag so I could more neatly organize responses to my queries. Same with Facebook; it’s easy enough to keep track of comments on my own page, but people who have ‘liked’ my page could also tag me using the @ symbol and typing out Maenad’s name to ‘tag’ it. Social media is great for being heard if you know how to properly utilize it, but it’s not just for broadcasting – it can be great for business management, too.

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