Social Media Rules for Students

As a recent graduate of Hawaii Pacific University, social media played a big part in our curriculum. It is a new medium for learning and communicating, that when used correctly, can enhance a students learning experience. The computer lab is one of the busiest places on HPU’s Honolulu campus. It is where students go to both work on projects together or to keep themselves busy on the internet in between classes. As you walk through the rows of computers to find a free one, you can’t help but notice that most students are on their Facebook pages. This is a way that students connect and keep in touch. Some professors even had class pages on Facebook so students can keep in touch. The University has Pipeline, where every class has it’s own page, but professors noticed that not all students were comfortable asking for help where everyone could see their questions. Social media sites aren’t blocked on campus, they are a good way for students to keep in touch and to make new friends. Some of my friends from HPU connected with me through class Facebook pages and then later met on campus for study groups. HPU recognizes that social media is a good thing for both teachers and students to be a part of and it’s an active part of life on campus. Some of the professors and one of the admissions counselors that I know of even have their own Twitter accounts. These are easy ways for students to find out what is going on campus and to ask questions of the professors. All of the students that I have talked to said that their professors using Twitter shows that they are willing to adapt to the new ways of learning and communicating with students. So overall, social media has had a positive effect on the students of my alma mater, Hawaii Pacific University. It is a good way to connect both professors and students on campus and around the island.

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