T-Mobile Wing and Youtube Videos Unite in Harmony

So you've opened your new T-Mobile Wing. There is so much you can do with this little handy device and you can't wait to explore the Wing's many features.

While you're sitting at the doctor's office, you head straight to m.youtube.com for some entertaining web videos while you wait. That Chicken Song video on Youtube is sure to give you a giggle in the crowded waiting room. But then, something horrible happens. You get an ERROR MESSAGE. No streaming Youtube video on your Wing. Here's to a long, boring wait.

Don't let this happen to you. Now you too can watch streaming video from Youtube or any other site with webclips on your T-Mobile Wing. All you need is an install of a program and you're off with your streaming video as your SideKick. Pun intended.

Let's first discuss how this catastrophe has occurred. The T-Mobile Wing has the Window's Media platform. This platform is greatly loved by many. You can copy your favorite videos already on your pc to this little Wing and be on your way. However, viewing streaming videos is not a feature the Windows 6.0 software installed in your T-Mobile Wing has come equipped with.

The many error messages you may have encountered after trying to play a Youtube video have been about the Flash Player, unsupported format, or a corrupted file. Seems like an easy fix right? After getting these messages, I installed the Flash Player, stressed out, uninstalled it and installed it again. Nothing worked. Frustrated and craving some streaming video, I contacted T-Mobile. One of the customer service reps informed me that streaming video won't pass through the GPRS system. They explained that the browser wasn't capable of it…yada, yada, yada. Well, there's a way around that.

After desperately searching the web for an answer, I came across many forums with people having the same issues that I had with my Wing. They had heated discussions about the Wing and theories of why it won't play streaming video. There was also talk about vTap and users who had been successful at streaming video using this feature.

vTap , created by Veveo, seems to have the solution to your T-Mobile Wing and streaming video problem. The Tcpmp player allows you to search, browse and view web clips from all over the web. It installs quickly and is up and running within minutes. The platform doesn't look like the normal Youtube site. It seems to be using it's on browser. It not only searches Youtube video, but a library of webclips throughout the internet.

Here's how to view streaming video on your T-Mobile Wing; Simply go to m.vtap.com on your Wing's browser. Scroll down to "Touch Screen Phones" and "Download". I recommend saving this file on your storage card. It helps to free space on your Wing's main memory. I first installed vTap on my main memory, which was already low, and it crashed within the week. I later reinstalled on my storage card and it works fine.

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