Top 10 Worst Recent Ads on YouTube

There are a lot of bad advertisements that have been on TV in recent years, but they always seemed to die a natural death. Before YouTube, one could take comfort in the fact that these failed ads were simply lost to the ages. Not anymore. They've been resurrected and posted online to frustrate, aggravate and irate you anew. But perhaps the trip down (recent) memory lane will make it all worth it again.

Here are the worst advertisements on YouTube

Sierra Mist Super Bowl Ad
While this ad made its debut at the Super Bowl in 2004, it saturated American television screens for what seemed like years afterwards. It shows a man and his dog who become so hot that they jump into a pitcher of water below, making their heads "comically" large. Nothing says soda like sweaty man and wet dog. Drink up.

Geico Cavemen
These commercials technically continue to offend, but this is the original one I remember. Call it a spoof of a modern PC culture, but I call it stupid. Even more stupid? The fact that some TV exec dubbed the concept worthy of a pilot.

Taco Bell Dog – Romantic Dinner
Taking advantage of America's fascination with things that are so ugly they are cute, the Taco Bell Chihuahua took the airwaves by storm in the late 1990s. Proof the concept is tired? When the dog tries to eat at a real restaurant. Fortunately, the ads were quashed shortly thereafter by an urban legend that alleged Taco Bell put dog in its meat. Unfounded? Yes. But for once, urban legends were good for something.

Carrot Top for 1-800-Call-ATT
Before he was an annoying Vegas "comedian" he was an equally annoying TV shill. Trust me – you're likely to be able to repeat this commercial word for word. This should depress you.

Jessica Simpson – Buffalos Don't Have Wings
Jessica Simpson sought to monopolize on her "stupidity" by making this ad. All that happened was that I felt more stupid for watching it. And you thought the acting was bad in her movies.

Too soon? Whatever. These commercials sucked and everyone involved knew it. From the questionable camerawork to the slogan itself, this screamed low budget and low effort. How it managed to make it onto network TV is beyond me. How it managed to stay there for so long baffles me more.

Audrey Hepburn for the Gap
While this advertisement was short-lived, it still makes the list due to the sheer preponderance of times it was on the air. Why does this make you want to buy pants? Black may be back, Gap, but we all just wanted to put it back where it belongs.

Justin Timberlake – I'm Lovin' It
This song was spliced in with the early incarnations of this terrible attempt by McDonald's to be "hip" and "relevant" to today's youth. There's a reason why Justin needed to bring sexy back. He lost it with this abomination.

Coors – Giant Man
Drinking beer makes you a man! Drinking Coors Light makes you a HUGE man who can play football in a mountain range! Yawn.

Chevy Silverado with John Mellencamp
This is perhaps the worst ad ever – not just recently. Ever. Try as you might, Chevy, your trucks will never be as ingrained into American culture as the Rosa Parks and the Muhammad Alis you exploit to make this terrible, terrible advertisement. Patriotism is fine. Patriotism does not center around a truck, nor does it center around a washed-up singer with the lyrical subtlety of a 10 year old. What made it worse was that the ad played in some form during almost every single commercial break during each and every football game. I know American football fans may be seen as stupid, but please don't let them be this stupid. Watch at your own risk.

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