Using Social Media in the Classroom

Facebook and Twitter have become the latest and greatest ways to communicate with anyone and everyone. This social media has taken our world into a whole new level of mass communication. Facebook and Twitter have not only made it easier to make contact with friends or other interests, but these social medias allow teachers and professors to have a different method of communication. Today's education is trying to keep up with the latest and greatest form of technology; education is finding ways to become more interesting for the students.

As a college student for five years now, it is becoming so much easier to keep up with assignments and lectures. Facebook and Twitter has become the latest tool my professors use to keep us up-to-date on assignments, on discussions, answering any questions, and more. Each student can have input and questions for not only the professor, but for other students. Our new online status has allowed us to have open debates at any time. We are able to find new ways and new approaches all the while learning from each other. "Twitter can be like a virtual staffroom where teachers can access in seconds a stream of links, ideas, opinions, and resources from a hand-picked selection of global professionals." (Tech & Learning, 2009)

Facebook has become a way for me to talk with any professor and many students. There are always rules involved with anything and everything. You have to be careful as to what you put on there because you are not talking with your every day friends. This is a place to learn from not only your professor but your peers as well. It is crucial to make sure that the comments and/or questions pertain to actual school related information. In my case, we are all adults and should not have to be reminded that it is inappropriate to post offensive or illegal information. However, that is yet another rule that exists. You would think that most rules that exist should be common sense. This could be a potential hazard….people not thinking before speaking/writing. Content could easily be taken in the wrong way creating an uncomfortable environment. Again…it should be common sense on how you project yourself online or even in public for that matter!

Facebook and Twitter are just the beginning of where things are going in technology. Luckily education is finding a way to keep students more informed creating an open forum.


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