YouTube '2 Days' Logo Counts Down to 'Life in a Day' Film

A YouTube '2 Days' logo is on top of the popular site today. The YouTube '2 Days' logo will probably just be up for one day, as a "1 Day" logo will probably go up tomorrow. All of this is used to remind users of how long they have to prepare for July 24. On that date, millions will likely post footage of what they did on July 24, as part of a new movie project. The YouTube '2 Days' logo today is just a prologue to the "Life In A Day" project that will unite users around the globe.

On July 24, the popular website wants people to film themselves and post the results. That normally wouldn't be different from any other day, but, this time, it will be seen by Hollywood filmmakers. The "Life In A Day" project will gather the best footage from July 24, and edit it together into a full length movie to premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

As such, a YouTube '2 Days' logo is up at the far left of the site, to remind people how long they have to prepare. Yesterday, it was 3 days, and, tomorrow, it should be 1 day.

The experiment is produced by legendary director Ridley Scott, although he is not the director. Documentarian and Last King Of Scotland director Kevin McDonald is at the helm instead. However, if a user gets his footage from July 24 in the movie, he or she will be declared a co-director. What's more, 20 contributors will be flown to Sundance in 2011 to see the final cut, and to meet McDonald.

As such, the YouTube '2 Days' logo is a hot topic, as is the "Life In A Day" experiment itself. This kind of project was likely inevitable, given how millions have shared their lives and activities on the site. However, the most they got out of it was fame on the blogosphere, and a few million Internet hits that don't pay anything. Now, the best of the bunch on July 24 will be movie stars, which is the next logical step.

The project is also a challenge to Facebook, which is also putting together a collection of stories. After reaching 500 million users, Facebook is asking its users/friends to tell their "Facebook Stories" of how the site changed their lives. They are also being featured in movies, with David Fincher's The Social Network detailing the site's history in October – although Facebook was not involved in making it.

But the YouTube '2 Days' countdown is more immediate, as would-be Internet phenomena can leapfrog their way to the big screen. The site will start accepting entries at midnight on Saturday.

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