10 Best Colleges In Myrtle Beach South Carolina In 2023 (2024)

The cost is reasonable when compared to other colleges in the area. This article outlines the best colleges in Myrtle Beach and provides the most information you need for the application process. Let’s get started!

Is Myrtle Beach good for College Students?

Absolutely! Asides from studying, Myrtle Beach is frequently regarded as one of the most fabulous spring break options for budget-conscious college students. Some reasons are:

Myrtle Beach is less expensive than most other East Coast beach towns. Most days of the year, you can expect lovely weather. On the Grand Strand, there is always something to do. Public services such as transportation and hospitals are everywhere. The city boasts a small-town atmosphere with big-city conveniences.

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Who can go for Myrtle Beach Test-optional Admissions?

Freshman applicants with a minimum 3.5 HS GPA (weighted GPA on a 4.0 scale) can submit standardized test scores.Applicants who choose not to submit test scores should show a demanding academic program that predicts future college achievement and leadership in extracurricular, professional, or service experiences.Transfer students are not eligible for test-optional admission. Applying for test-optional admission does not ensure access.Check out:15 Best Colleges For Gymnastics In USA | 2023 Ranking

What else do I need to submit for the test-optional at Myrtle Beach College?

Additional information, such as letters of recommendation and an essay or personal statement, are strongly urged to be submitted to support your application. It will provide the admissions committee with more information to look over.

How Can I Sign Up for the Myrtle Beach Colleges?

Every school has a different admission process. Generally, you can start the application process for all Myrtle Beach colleges online. The following are the basic steps in the enrollment process; however, students can find more extensive information in the Enrollment Guide that came with your admission letter:

To reserve your spot in the class, send in your $300 enrollment deposit. Apply for on-campus housing. Schedule your Orientation session.

What can I do to ensure that my acceptance remains in effect?

After you have paid your enrollment deposit and reserved housing and Orientation, you must complete some additional steps to ensure your enrollment remains in effect and to prepare for your first semester.You can return your immunization form and submit your final official transcript with your graduation date. Complete instructions and a detailed description of these processes are usually online.Check out:Best Colleges that Offer Free Tuition for Low-Income Families

How does Myrtle Beach Colleges Determine Resident Status?

The school assesses your South Carolina residency for tuition and fee reasons after your admission to the University. Students who do not complete the South Carolina Residency Form get classed as indeterminate non-residents. They get charged out-of-state tuition.Any schools may ask students who have just migrated to South Carolina for additional information.Please visit the South Carolina residency homepage or email: scresidency@coastal.edu for further information on South Carolina residency.See this related content:10 Best Colleges for Publishing and Editing in 2022 | Tuition and Admission Requirements

Can I defer my Semester at Myrtle Beach College?

Enrolled students may seek a one-year delay in their start date (two regular semesters). Please read the requirements for deferred admission by clicking the Deferred Admission Request Form link on the school website.Usually, students must pay the $300 enrollment fee and submit the deferred admission request form on the first day of classes for the semester to which they got admission.You should read:13 Best Colleges For Golf Scholarships In 2022

What are the important dates in Myrtle Beach Colleges?

There are several important dates and deadlines to be aware of in the enrollment process in Myrtle Beach. Check your school website regularly for the most recent information on tuition payments, classes start, Orientation sessions, etc.Check out:15 Best Colleges For Students With Learning Disabilities In 2022


Schools open housing applications for the fall semester.


Submit your FAFSA to Coastal Carolina University by Mar. 1. Beginning Oct. 1, you can submit your FAFSA. Registration for the fall semester’s Orientation begins. Orientation sessions will take place in June. Fill out the health history/immunization forms. To get the forms, go towww.coastal.edu/health.


The enrollment deposit date for first-year students starts The priority housing application deadline for participation in priority room selection also starts June Orientations Get housing assignments


Monitor your Coastal email for information on move-in day in August.


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10 Best Colleges in Myrtle Beach

#1. Horry-Georgetown Technical College- Grand Strand Campus

743 Hemlock Ave +1 843-347-3186

The Grand Strand campus is in the middle of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, one of the country’s most popular tourist and resort areas. The Grand Strand campus is HGTC’s second-largest and is experiencing rapid infrastructure and student enrollment growth.Each fall and spring semester, the Grand Strand campus enrolls nearly 2000 students in many curriculum areas.The 50,000-square-foot Dr. Robert E. Speir, Jr. Healthcare Education Center and the 24,000-square-foot Charles F. Freeman Community Dental Clinic are the five structures on this roughly 78-acre property.WEBSITEYou should read:10 Best Colleges for C Average Students in the USA | 2022

#2. Webster University – Myrtle Beach Campus

4589 Oleander Dr +1 843-497-3677

At Webster University, you can make the most of your life experiences by pursuing an advanced degree. Students also benefit from the dynamic curriculum that combines best practices, theory, and real-world experience.The school understands that students require classroom flexibility. They offer programs both online and in person. That means you may take courses on your own time, allowing you to combine education, job, and life. No GRE is required.WEBSITEWe think you should see:20 Best Colleges In Washington State | 2022 Rankings

#3. Myrtle Beach College

1229 38th Ave N #262 +1 412-874-1676

Myrtle Beach College is a South Carolina-incorporated non-profit religious college whose primary mission is to prepare Christian leaders to serve the church and the world. The college is exempt from regulation by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education because it solely offers religious and theological degrees.A Board of Governors oversees the college’s activities and handles the institution’s educational, operational, and fiscal integrity.Myrtle Beach College allows students of any race, color, national origin, or ethnic origin to access the school’s rights, benefits, programs, and activities. There is no discrimination at the college based on race, color, national origin, or ethnic origin.WEBSITE

#4. Galen College of Nursing – Myrtle Beach

920 Doug White Dr., Suite 120 +1 843-282-4282

The Myrtle Beach campus is one of Galen’s newest locations, offering various pre-licensure programs.Galen, regionally approved and entirely dedicated to nursing education, has a contemporary simulation and clinical learning labs that provide students with hands-on training and an immersive nursing education experience.With Galen’s extensive student services, you’ll get the help you need every step of the way.WEBSITE

#5. Coastal Carolina University – Myrtle Beach Education Center

900 79th Ave N +1 843-349-2767

Coastal Carolina University is one of the best colleges in Myrtle Beach. CCU offers over 100 undergraduate degree programs (plus 30+ graduate programs). The student-to-faculty ratio is 17:1.They also have financial aid and scholarships totaling $171 million. CCU is ranked #7 on U.S. News & World Report’s Best Value Schools list (South Region).WEBSITEYou should read:15 Best Colleges In The World In 2022

#6. Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics (PIA) Myrtle Beach Campus – School for Aviation Maintenance

1038 Shine Ave +1 843-238-2700

PIA’s Myrtle Beach, South Carolina campus is only 5 minutes from the beach, and the surrounding region is famous for concerts, shopping, and entertainment.PIA’s Myrtle Beach Campus, which received the ACCSC 2020 School of Distinction, is located at the International Technology and Aerospace Park near South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach International Airport.The airport location at PIA provides an ideal environment for aviation training and aircraft access to the school’s facilities. The 26,000-square-foot facility is home to classrooms, a student resource center with a computer lab and a publications library, and shop areas for aircraft propulsion systems.WEBSITE

#7. International Culinary Institute of Myrtle Beach

920 Crabtree Ln +1 843-839-7001

Culinary Arts, a rapidly growing area, offers some of the best career options available today, and HGTC’s Culinary Arts Technology department prepares students for success.The student-run Fowler Dining Room offers instruction in real-world restaurant operations such as fine dining, buffet, and café service.They produce menus employing various cooking techniques that emphasize flavor, texture, color, and innovation while utilizing locally farmed vegetables, fruits, meats, seafood, cheese, and eggs.WEBSITECheck out:Top 25 Best Colleges with the Highest Acceptance Rates | 2022 Rankings

#8. Academy for the Arts, Science, and Technology

895 International Dr. +1 843-903-8460

The Horry County Schools system’s Academy for the Arts, Science, and Technology is a branch school in Horry County, South Carolina.It focuses on specific professional majors and is a Blue Ribbon School and a New American High School. It is also one of the best colleges in Myrtle Beach.WEBSITE

#9. Coastal Leadership Academy

3710 Palmetto Pointe Blvd +1 843-788-9898

Coastal Leadership Academy, located in the center of Myrtle Beach near the Market Common, is open to all Horry and Georgetown Counties students. It is one of the best colleges in Myrtle Beach.They have a project-based, customized learning high school that provides over 24 hours of college credit and has a track record of academic success for students who struggle in large school settings.Coastal Leadership Academy aims to engage students in Project-Based Learning to promote academic accomplishment, critical and creative thinking, and understanding of their leadership roles in the community and environment.​WEBSITESee this related content:13 Best Colleges in New England | 2022

#10. Horry Georgetown Technical College

Conway, SC, United States +1 843-347-3186

The Arts, Sciences, and University Transfer Department are intended for students preparing to transfer to four-year programs and those seeking to enhance their general knowledge.In this school, schools take part in the sea change in how Americans cook, eat, view, source, and use food. They investigate diverse cuisines, cultures, and businesses in the culinary and hospitality industries.They also offer Golf and Sports Turf management. If you want to work in this fast-growing industry, look into HGTC’s Golf and Sports Turf Management associate degree program, which is the only one in South Carolina.WEBSITE


Earning a college degree is an investment, and earning one from a recognized university is one of the most excellent methods to ensure the quality of your education. The ten best colleges in Myrtle Beach ensure that their operations and academic programs are up to par.


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10 Best Colleges In Myrtle Beach South Carolina In 2023 (2024)
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