New Anti-Phishing Technology Invented

A young man from Massachusetts, working for the Department of Public Health as a day job, is designing a piece of software that has the potential to put a serious dent in the practice of phishing, a criminal activity that costs US internet users about $200 million each year. Ben Jackson’s software, known as “Crows Nest,” keeps an eye out for domain name registrations of websites that might be used for phishing, and keeps users alerted.  His proxies are from In the future, it might be a useful tool for law enforcement authorities. Phishing, for those of you who don’t know, is the practice of imitating a legitimate online business to get someone’s login information. For example, someone might send out a spam email telling users that they need to attend to urgent business on PayPal. Upon clicking the link, they will be taken to a website designed to be a careful imitation of the real PayPal site, perhaps with a URL of, or something similar. The unsuspecting user would type his email address and password into the box, hit login, and the damage would be done. The phisher could then use his login information to get into the real PayPal, and, say, send a thousand dollars to his own account. Although companies like PayPal go to great lengths to educate their users about the menaces of phishing, there remain enough sufficiently gullable people for phishing to be quite profitable. Crows Nest would work by looking for registrations of sketchy domain names, such as the previous example of “”, and would alert the user when it found them. It would use the Mark Alert, a paid tool offered by Name Intellegence, Inc, to keep track of newly registered domains, and search through the list with keywords. Using a simple logic script, it would then rank them, singling out ones that looked particularly dangerous. It would provide a list of these, potentially weeks before the actual sites went up. Combined with proper law enforcement attention, the problem could be almost completely nipped in the bud. Although there are already anti-phishing technologies in existence, none of them are this effective and far reaching. Most current approaches primarily rely on education, teaching consumers not to give out their username and password unless they are sure they are sure they are giving it to the right party. As the internet gets more fully developed, security gets tighter, but new possibilities open up. Although new and greater menaces may loom ahead, it would be wonderful if phishing could become a problem of the past. Congratulations, Ben Jackson!…

Get Milnaoo Coupon Codes In Facebook

Who else doesn’t have a facebook account? I’m sure everybody has. If you still don’t have any, you better come up with one. Remember, no man is an island. With millions of people around the world that are connected and stay linked to each other, facebook makes it easier to search for more people like friends, relatives, or even a potential romantic partner.

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With facebook, you can post on the wall about any inquiries about the item/s as well and milanoo will answer it the soonest time possible. You can also exchange thoughts with other customer who is also posting. You can ask ideas from others who have purchased the same product before. See? You can get any helpful insights while building an exciting social network within milanoo page!

Coupon codes will be sent through email. A lot of customers claimed that they are satisfied with the products they received due to great savings they got. How much more that milanoo now upgraded its promotions to get you hook up to the great opportunity to enjoy cool stuff that suits your need in a lot economical way.…

New Technology on the Horizon – Better and Faster Than Google

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Minority Report is a cool 2002 movie that stars Tom Cruise. Fast forward into the future, 2054. Cruise is a cop who works for a special police unit called Precrime. This futuristic unit, with the help of three psychics called Precogs, who predict the future, go after and arrest people before they commit a crime. What makes the movie cool is the perceived technology of 2054. In the movie, technology has evolved to projecting a sort of virtual reality screen Cruise can interface with as he goes about his job of catching soon to be criminals. Ted Talk is working on new technology that would give its wearer their own interactive visual display of information in the palm of their hand that can be easily activated anytime, anyplace.

This new technology comes from the minds of students at MIT. More specifically, a student by the name of Pranav Mistry who has created his version of Minority Report. A wearable device that has a small battery powered camera, projection with mirror and standard web cam that are connected to a cell phone with internet access. One of the top new gadgets that will help revolutionize the way we interact with data in our daily lives. The cost of building this cool prototype little gadget; $350.00. Once all the bugs are worked out and it’s put into a more unobtrusive package , this handy little device will be around the same price as a cell phone is today.

Similar to Microsoft’s surface table, the biggest difference with this new technology is any surface can be used to display information, including your hand. Completely portable, it will be able to provide relevant information about things you interact with on a daily basis.

For example. Imagine having an ability to pick up anything in a supermarket or retail store and seeing specific information on that product just by touching it. If you have a peanut allergy, important information can be transposed onto the box or jar in your hand with data about where the product was made, if any form of peanut is present in the product or even the factory where the item came from. Giving the buyer relevant information that could save them from purchasing a product that could be harmful to them. Looking for a book at your favorite bookstore can take time. Sometimes, the buyer wants to move the process of deciding along a little faster. This new technology would put information about that particular book right on the surface of the book itself. The Amazon rating, any special facts or interesting comments that would help you make a better and more informed purchase. An ability to control knowledge that’s literally at our fingertips.

Read a newspaper like “Harry Potter”. Interactive video images can be projected onto your newspaper. Take a picture by placing your thumbs and fingers together in the form of a picture frame. Draw a watch on your wrist to find out what time it is. You can dial a phone number using nothing more than your hand. Technology the average person could never conceive of may be on our doorstep with in the next ten years.

What this new technology will give the average person is important information that today can only be found on line and make it available to everyone instantly. Our own virtual reality controlled by the wearer of this new gadget. We will be able to program what we need for our personal use to keep us safe and informed.

Those with no internet connection or smart phone with web access are at a disadvantage in today’s society. Even with access, anyone searching for specific data has to first Google a particular subject and then search the many articles found. This new technology will make relevant data immediate just by picking up a product or item. This cool little gadget has the power to drastically change how we see, use and process data in our daily lives. The folks at Ted Talk have dubbed this technology a sixth sense. If it works like they hope, it has the potential of opening up the tech world to the 21st century, much like the steam engine opened up the world of the 18th century and ushered in the Industrial Revolution. A tech revolution of instant knowledge and relevant data at a price the average person can afford to buy and use.

We have come a long way from those who couldn’t figure out how to program the clock on their VCR. TIVO has replaced video tapes and can weed out commercials. DVD recorders made storing recordings more efficient. Computers are faster and smaller. Cell phone technology unplugged us from the wall and gave us not only a traveling telephone, but a lifeline in an emergency. New technology that could give ordinary people access to a world of instant information is mind boggling today. However, as this new gadget becomes a household wonder, it makes one ponder the next mind boggling technology waiting to be developed over the next horizon.

Facebook – marketing through facebook themes

From the dawn of facebook, people have always shown their true human nature by striving to be unique – in a crowd of millions. Facebook Themes are the hottest thing to hit social networking since the casual gaming boom – with hundreds of thousands of users now spending their time customizing their facebook themes – from changing their colour schemes and backdrops, to completely reimagining their facebook layout. Custom templates are currently hot in the 18-30 age demographic, and has a minor bias towards the male population.

From the ages of user-run communities onwards, no social networking arena has ever given a person “full control” over the creative aspect of their page – users have always had to turn to the techies behind the scenes. The same case is made for facebook, as software developers promote Chameleon Tom, a program designed to allow users to quickly “skin” their facebook themes, and spin their own unique facebook layout. Since the release of Facebook skins in late 2009, there have been hundreds of thousands of users hopping on the bandwagon to show off their creative side.

While this opens up a new avenue of exploration for users, it also showcases new opportunities for advertisement and brand awareness across the social media arena. An Industry can now fully gain control over their landing pages – meaning instead of a generic pale template, a potential client can now be greeted with colourful pages bursting with creativity, creating an instant brand awareness. A fantastic example can be seen with a weight awareness company – compressing their facebook profile to half the original size, capturing the client’s attention almost immediately.

With the opportunity on hand to share and promote individual designs, users may move away from “liking” or “becoming a fan of” their favourite brands, to adopting a full facebook skin based around them. Along with allowing fully established corporations to virally spread through this new strategy, the route for individuals is also increased by the same strength – along with a whole new marketplace opening for professional facebook theme designers. is currently the most popular distributor of free facebook customization tools, and free layouts – paying homage to the software’s power by showcasing a fully redesigned facebook theme as their own landing page, and following up their success with displaying featured themes currently being used – from floral patterns, to late pop icons.

The real hook in the advent of facebook template customization however, is in it’s ease of use – literally no computer knowledge is required in creating these layouts, making their creation and usage easy for even the entry level PC user. This ease of access of course allows the facebook skin boom to continue expanding at it’s near exponential rate.

Apple's IPhone 5s: New Design, Software, and Technology

Apple's iPhone 5s takes the 5 model's sleekness and updates it. An improved camera, sharp processer, great software options, and unique fingerprint scanner are just some of the new features Apple has to offer. Casual users and tech geeks alike can get behind this new model. People looking for an advanced phone that won't be outdated in a year should invest in the Apple iPhone 5s.

New Design

The iPhone 5s comes in a variety of new designs: from the silver model to the all-gold finish and space gray model. These colors replace the classic black model. These models are aluminum with chamfered edges, and they are more resistant to wear and tear than former models, specifically the scratch-prone black phone. The new models have a color-matched ring around the home button, and the Apple logo has a mirror finish that pops with the new design. Apple enthusiasts will note that the home button is no longer curved but flat. Users who invest in the case will note that it is sleek and light. These models come with the traditional 4-unch Retina display. Texts are easy to read, and colors appear sharp. Though the technology hasn't changed much, users will note that the iPhone 5s display offers rich resolution.

New Software

The great thing is that the iPhone 5s has new technology like a fingerprint sensor. Thus, people can unlock their phone or make purchases with a touch of their fingers. This new feature is the future of smartphones. Scrolling through all of the apps is easier thanks to the new interface. The latest models of iMovie and iPhoto make it easy to edit videos and images. Users will love the advanced camera for documenting memories. Larger pizel capabilities mean that that the phone can take improved low-light images. A True Tone flash ensures subjects do not come out looking washed out.

The iPhone 5s is easy to use, lightweight, and sleek to touch. Anyone looking for a fast smartphone with some of the latest technology will enjoy this Apple product. The iPhone 5s is the future. Users will not have to worry about their smartphone becoming outdated.…

T-Mobile Wing and Youtube Videos Unite in Harmony

So you've opened your new T-Mobile Wing. There is so much you can do with this little handy device and you can't wait to explore the Wing's many features.

While you're sitting at the doctor's office, you head straight to for some entertaining web videos while you wait. That Chicken Song video on Youtube is sure to give you a giggle in the crowded waiting room. But then, something horrible happens. You get an ERROR MESSAGE. No streaming Youtube video on your Wing. Here's to a long, boring wait.

Don't let this happen to you. Now you too can watch streaming video from Youtube or any other site with webclips on your T-Mobile Wing. All you need is an install of a program and you're off with your streaming video as your SideKick. Pun intended.

Let's first discuss how this catastrophe has occurred. The T-Mobile Wing has the Window's Media platform. This platform is greatly loved by many. You can copy your favorite videos already on your pc to this little Wing and be on your way. However, viewing streaming videos is not a feature the Windows 6.0 software installed in your T-Mobile Wing has come equipped with.

The many error messages you may have encountered after trying to play a Youtube video have been about the Flash Player, unsupported format, or a corrupted file. Seems like an easy fix right? After getting these messages, I installed the Flash Player, stressed out, uninstalled it and installed it again. Nothing worked. Frustrated and craving some streaming video, I contacted T-Mobile. One of the customer service reps informed me that streaming video won't pass through the GPRS system. They explained that the browser wasn't capable of it…yada, yada, yada. Well, there's a way around that.

After desperately searching the web for an answer, I came across many forums with people having the same issues that I had with my Wing. They had heated discussions about the Wing and theories of why it won't play streaming video. There was also talk about vTap and users who had been successful at streaming video using this feature.

vTap , created by Veveo, seems to have the solution to your T-Mobile Wing and streaming video problem. The Tcpmp player allows you to search, browse and view web clips from all over the web. It installs quickly and is up and running within minutes. The platform doesn't look like the normal Youtube site. It seems to be using it's on browser. It not only searches Youtube video, but a library of webclips throughout the internet.

Here's how to view streaming video on your T-Mobile Wing; Simply go to on your Wing's browser. Scroll down to "Touch Screen Phones" and "Download". I recommend saving this file on your storage card. It helps to free space on your Wing's main memory. I first installed vTap on my main memory, which was already low, and it crashed within the week. I later reinstalled on my storage card and it works fine.…

Get a "YouTube" Background

Many people wonder how when they see videos on YouTube how these people have such awesome looking desktops. Well it's not that difficult to get an awesome looking desktop. The first thing you probably want to do get one of those amazing high quality backgrounds. There are several places from which you may obtain one of the high quality backgrounds. My favorite place to get them is Rocket Dock's website.

Secondly many people don't like the looks of the taskbar so they like to hide it or replace it. To hide all you need to do is right click on the taskbar in a place where there is not a taskbar button and click properties. Stay on the taskbar tab in the menu that comes up and check the box that says auto-hide the taskbar. Then click okay and your taskbar should disappear. To get it back rest your mouse over where the taskbar used to be and it will come back right click and uncheck the box. To replace the taskbar you would hide it and then download any of the many dock programs including Rocket Dock and Object Dock which are among the top rated of the many dock programs.

The last thing is removing some of the clutter on your desktop. This can be done by creating a folder called apps in somewhere in your C drive not in the desktop. After doing that download the stack "docklet" for Rocket Dock if you choose that one and link it to the Apps folder you created. In the Apps folder you created you should put shortcuts to your favorite applications. Then you click the stack docklet icon on the dock and watch the folder unfold with your favorite apps. Or instead of doing all that you can sampling make all the icons on your desktop temporarily disappear by downloading a docklet that I made myself and putting it on your dock. My way also works for any dock you may have chosen. Following these simple steps can lead to a neater, cleaner, awesome looking desktop. Good luck.…

How To Twitter – The Basic Guide

Just before you start utilising Twitter, I want to introduce you to a few of the main features that you may have noticed on Twitter. Some of these features are linked to messages and you may have seen letters and symbols that make relatively little sense. This mini-guide is here to help. First up, a glossary of the main terms of Twitter:


A reply is basically where you want to react to what someone else has twittered by replying to it publicly. If you place the ‘at’ symbol in front of their name (with no space) then what you write back will appear in the replies list on that person’s profile, as well as on Twitter for everyone to read. Large-scale conversations can start this way and it can also increase your followers as people will follow you if you’re twittering something interesting that adds to the conversation. You can find all the replies that mention you by clicking on your username on the right of the screen.


A retweet is simply the name given to what happens when you forward a tweet that someone else has posted. To signal that it’s a retweet and not your own post, you put the letters RT (no space between them) before the tweet you want to forward. As you gain more followers and become more influential in your field, people may ask you to retweet what they’ve said in the hope of obtaining a larger group of followers.

Trending Topics

Once you’ve created your account on Twitter, you may notice the words ‘Trending Topics’ in the right column beneath your profile information. Next to it is an arrow which, when clicked, will reveal the topics that people are talking about most on Twitter. This is done via Twitter Search, which I give you a tutorial on at my site. When you click one of the words in the list, it searches for it on Twitter and shows you a list of the most recent posts to mention that keyword. This is a clever tool as it gives you a concise idea of the trends on Twitter. This will be particularly helpful to all you entrepreneurs out there. The bonus chapter at the end of my book shows you how to use this and gives you even more great tools.

Hash tags

Fear not, they’re not related to the narcotics trade. These are the keywords that are placed directly after the hash or pound symbol (#) in people’s tweets. By putting one of these in your tweet, it makes that word into a link which people can click on. When they do, it will search all the posts that mention that hash tag. Again, this can be useful when you want to determine what people are talking about. If you see a trend that is linked to your site, write something about it on your blog and post a link to it on Twitter so that some of the traffic that’s talking about that subject is directed to your site. If you’re into internet marketing, you can also use this to see what people need before delivering it to them.

One popular hash tag is the ‘Follow Friday’ tag. Every Friday, the good people of Twitter can tweet about the people they like to follow and who they think others would like to follow.


DM simply stands for Direct Message and is the way in which you can communicate privately with other Twitter members, rather than tweeting to all of them at once. You must be following the person you want to DM and they must be following you for you to be able to send them a message. Unlike a reply, these messages are only seen by the person you’re sending it to.

Don’t Sell

Although we are going to be using Twitter for business and as a means to drive more visitors to your site, I need to make one thing clear before we get started. It’s a point that many marketers will disagree with but I know from experience that I’m right, no matter what business you’re in.

People don’t like being sold to, so don’t use Twitter to direct sell to anyone.

However, people do enjoy having their problems solved or to get good information about the sites that interest them. If you only tweet things like: ‘Buy my DVD now’ followed by a link to it, no one will want to follow you and no one will purchase from you. They have to know you, then like and then trust you before they will want to buy from you.

Work on building their trust by providing good information and you’ll be impressed by how many people will become interested in how you can help them. Go to your followers with useful offerings and then let them come to you.

Matthew Duggan is an entrepreneur and social media author. He lives is London and is currently working on a social media e-course.

Three reasons why a PCMac is required to use an iPad

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  1. Activation.  New iPads won’t work out of the box without being activated.  A new iPad needs to connect  to a Mac or a PC using the supplied USB cable and iTunes must be installed and running.
  2. Software updates.  When Apple releases a new software update (e.g. iOS 4.3) the upgrade is performed via iTunes with the iPad connected to the computer via USB
  3. Media transfer.  Music, videos and pictures must be transfered via iTunes and the USB cable.  In addition, Apple makes it difficult to sync with more than one computer.   For example, I have a home computer with all my music, videos and pictures but I’d like to be able to sync with my work computer to sync apps, get software updates etc.
I’ve been hoping for solutions to all these problems since iOS 3.  I’m hopeful that the upcoming iOS 5 release this summer.  Android tablets don’t have the same limitations.  What I’d like to see from Apple:
  • At a minimum, sync over wi-fi and cut the USB cord
  • A better solution to syncing with multiple computers
  • The ability to update the iOS software over wi-fi

YouTube Mobile Application Review and Latest News

As reported by Daniel Ionescu at Yahoo! News, Google has found a clever and strategic way to compete with Apple by introducing a Web-based YouTube Mobile application. Confused about what this means? Here's the gist of it:

Google owns YouTube, but they don't control the dedicated YouTube Mobile web application that runs on the iPhone — that's Apple's turf. As a consequence, there is some technological friction on the current dedicated YouTube Mobile application, which Ionescu details nicely. The new We- based application promises to smooth out the rough edges for users, irrespective of what smart phone they are using the YouTube Mobile application on.

What exactly is YouTube Mobile, and how does it perform for those of us who aren't necessarily a part of the technorati?

The service, which can be found at, or by entering from a cellular phone with a browser, allows users to instantaneously upload videos that will be accessible to others via the regular site or the mobile site in mere minutes. You can also search for and play back videos from your phone, and distribute or share them via your own personal community. You are likely to find the YouTube Mobile application preloaded on new Droids and iPhones, whereas Blackberry users are limited to the Web- based version only.

My initial impression of the YouTube Mobile application is that it has a great deal of potential, but isn't without significant flaws for those of us who don't have a brand new smart phone. On a Blackberry 8530 that many would view as very "yesterday," I found the application rather slow and clunky to use. The delay was overwhelming, and bordered on the prohibitive. This has been the historical complaint about YouTube Mobile, as explained by Christian Zibreg on Those individuals with Droids and iPhones that boast faster speeds will likely have much better luck working with the YouTube Mobile application.

However, one can't help but salivate over the growing possibilities of integrating the YouTube approach with a mobile platform that a greater segment of the population can actually work with. The ability to instantly distribute and view video content through YouTube Mobile certainly has applications for grassroots political organization. I wonder how the youth protest movement in Iran might use an application such as YouTube mobile.

The core usage of the YouTube Mobile application is likely to remain in the entertainment realm, however. For most of us, YouTube remains a fun way to waste time-and, now, we have a more reliable way of wasting time when we're on the go and not around a full computer system.

The YouTube Mobile application companions nicely with microblogging systems such as Twitter, allowing people to disseminate richer communication en masse. For those who always make sure to be on the ascending slope of the technology curve, they should have no problems making use of the YouTube Mobile application.

However, for those of us who are always a year or two in arrears of the latest smartphone technology, it will take a bit of time to catch up to the needs of the application. The Web-based YouTube Mobile application will help that process, but it's still likely to take some time. Give it another year, and YouTube Mobile should be as commonplace for the majority of smart phone-users as Facebook and Twitter are today.…