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Don’t Forget!

You can apply for housing immediately after you apply for admission to the university. You don’t have to wait until you are officially admitted.

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Residence Life

Why live on campus?

Living on campus offers a range of benefits that significantly enhance your overall academic experience and personal development. It means easy access to classes and academic resources, community support from other students just like you, and more opportunities to join an organization or attend an event.
Living on campus also means more direct access to campus services and meal plans that help keep your body and mind nourished as you navigate your college years.

Tip from us: apply early

After you apply to SFA, you'll receive your mySFA username and password. This allows you to apply for housing right away; you don't have to wait until you are officially admitted to the university. And a perk of applying for housing early: admitted students select a residence hall assignment based on the date the residence hall application and deposit are submitted, so the earlier the better!

Submit your housing application

To apply for housing, use your mySFA credentials to complete the online process:

  1. Log in to the housing portal.
  2. Choose the correct application for your upcoming term.
  3. Complete your application.
    • If you would like to join an RLC, select "yes" when prompted and indicate your preferences.
  4. Pay your $100 deposit.

You'll receive a confirmation of successful submission through your SFA email account.

If you indicated an interest in an RLC:

Any additional instructions or requirements and your decision letter will be sent through your SFA email. If approved, you'll be notified of the RLC's room selection date and time.

Consider joining a Residential Learning Community — there's no extra cost!

These close-knit communities allow Lumberjacks with similar interests to live and learn together. Each RLC offers specific academic and social events that connect you with peers and faculty members, letting you explore your major or interest on a deeper level.

RLCs are located in a specific wing within a designated residence hall; therefore, space in RLCs is limited. Explore these options early and indicate your interest on your housing application.

RLCs for first-year students:
  • Aspire
  • Aviation
  • Fine Arts
  • Future Teachers
  • Generation Jacks
  • Honors (also open to non-first-year students)
  • Pre-Nursing

This community is a part of the Aspire Summer Bridge program and designed to provide additional support to program participants entering their first year of college. Students who participate in this Residential Learning Community will interact with Aspire peers and faculty members while participating in programs geared toward staying engaged and connected with campus life.

Participants live in Steen Hall.

Students enrolled in the Micky Elliott College of Fine Arts or expressly interested in studio art, theatre, dance or music, including members of the Lumberjack Marching Band, regardless of major are welcome in this Residential Learning Community. This community is located in an exclusive special-interest hall with common space for gathering, performance and display opportunities.

Participants live in Griffith Hall.

Are you interested in becoming a teacher? If so, this is the Residential Learning Community for you! Join fellow education studies majors in learning what it takes to become a teacher or a leader in the education industry. This community will allow you to interact with faculty members and participate in activities related to your major.

Participants live in Steen Hall.

This community is a part of the Generation Jacks program and designed to provide additional support to first generation students entering their first year of college. Students who participate in this Residential Learning Community will interact with faculty members and fellow first-generation students while participating in programs geared towards academic success, service and community.

Participants live in Steen Hall.

If you've decided to delve into SFA's School of Honors curriculum, this community will provide an academically enhanced learning environment. In this Residential Learning Community, you'll share learning and social activities with other members of the School of Honors.

Requirement: Residents must be pre-approved by SFA's School of Honors.

Participants live in Wisely Hall.

The pre-nursing Residential Learning Community will emphasize preparing first-year students for admittance into the DeWitt School of Nursing at SFA. Students will be introduced to potential careers in nursing through interaction with current nursing students, faculty and staff.

Participants live in Steen Hall.


Take a look at the frequently asked questions in our FAQ section. If you need more information, email

Contact Residence Life

Open: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday
Call: 936.468.2601
Visit: Rusk Building, Room 332
Staff Directory

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 13054, SFA Station
Nacogdoches, Texas 75962

Apply for Housing | Future Jacks | Residence Life | SFA (2024)


Does the university of Delaware guarantee housing? ›

While housing is not guaranteed past the first year, we encourage students who want to remain on campus to apply during the returning student application process which is typically during February for the following year.

Can I live off campus as a freshman at SFA? ›

You are REQUIRED to live ON CAMPUS if …

you are younger than 21 years of age or • you have fewer than 60 hours of university level academic credits. *If you are older than 21 years of age or have more than 60 hours of university level academic credit, you may live on campus, but it is OPTIONAL.

Does University of Delaware give a lot of money? ›

UD's generous donors provide over 200 scholarships and grants for eligible students. Many endowments are offered based on specific criteria (e.g., college or major, merit, and/or financial qualifications). Typical amounts are $2000 per year.

How much is housing at UD? ›

Traditional Halls Without Air Conditioning
Room TypeAnnual RateSemester Rate
Single room$10,564$5,282
Single room with bath$11,624$5,812
Multiple - Double room, Large room (triple)$8,568$4,284
Double room with bath$9,424$4,712

Should I live in a dorm freshman year? ›

First things first: Living on campus is often a requirement for freshmen. You may be exempt if you have a good enough reason. But generally, you should prepare to live in the dorms if you're a first-year student. Get extra prepared by reviewing our guide on what to expect as a college freshman.

Can Harvard freshman live off campus? ›

First-year students are required to live on campus, and the College and the First-Year Experience Office share the goal of ensuring that every first-year student will be able to live in Harvard-affiliated housing.

Why do college freshmen have to live on campus? ›

The transition to college – which for many students is their first time living on their own – can be stressful. To ease that adjustment and build a sense of belonging, many colleges require first-year students to live on campus.

Are you required to live on campus at University of Delaware? ›

On-Campus Housing

First year undergraduate students are required to live in University residence halls, and many undergraduate students choose to continue living on-campus beyond their first year.

What percentage of University of Delaware students live on campus? ›

University of Delaware has a total undergraduate enrollment of 18,883 (fall 2022), with a gender distribution of 41% male students and 59% female students. At this school, 40% of the students live in college-owned, -operated or -affiliated housing and 60% of students live off campus.

Does University of Delaware have off campus housing? ›

Find Off-Campus Housing

This service includes descriptive listings with photos, floor plans, amenities, Google mapping and more, as well as filterable search tools and live support for students. Email or call 1-866-766-0767 with any questions.

What is special about the University of Delaware? ›

The University of Delaware is committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, research and service. From its roots as a private academy in 1743, the institution today is a research-intensive, technologically advanced university with global impact.

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