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Open Admissions Policy

Open Admissions

All applicants to the College must 1) complete an application for admission, 2) be verified as lawfully present, 3) submit high school transcript, GED Certificate, or college transcript reflecting completion of an associate degree or higher credential, and 4) complete the Affidavit Acknowledgement Form, if applicable. The certificate programs which do not receive a high school diploma, GED Certificate, or college transcript reflecting completion of an associate degree or higher credential are listed on the admissions website.

Admission into limited access programs where the number of applicants exceeds the available spaces is determined through a competitive process.

Admissions Application and Fee

Applicants to HGTC must complete and submit an application, along with the non-refundable application fee, if applicable. Application fee may be waived or not required for specified groups of students including, but not limited to dual enrollment, HGTC/Coastal Carolina University Bridge program, special enrollment events, etc.

Lawful Presence

In compliance with South Carolina Law (South Carolina Illegal Immigration Reform Act), students admitted to the College must be lawfully present in the United States. The Office of Admissions staff verifies lawful presence in the United States at the time of application to the College.

Lawful Presence is verified through the following methods:

Lawful Presence of US Citizens
Students who have submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and are confirmed US citizens are verified as lawfully present. If a student does not submit a FAFSA and identifies as a United States Citizen on the admissions application, they must submit proof of lawful presence by providing one of the following: South Carolina Issued Driver’s License valid after 2002; South Carolina Identification Card valid after 2002; a copy of their Social Security card; passport; or a certificate of naturalization. Verification of lawful presence can also occur through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) validation process.

Lawful Presence of Non-US Citizens
Permanent Residents and Non-resident alien students are verified through the Department of Homeland Security Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements (SAVE).

One of the following items is required to complete verification of Permanent Residents and Non-resident alien students: Lawful Presence Documents for Non-US Citizens; Current Permanent Resident Card; Current Visa Documentation; or any other appropriate document which verifies lawful presence in the United States in accordance with the SAVE system.

The expiration date of the above-referenced documents is noted in the student’s file. The student is notified prior to the expiration date of the document of the need to submit renewed documentation.

Students who have a F1 or a J1 visa are verified through the Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVIS). Additional Information can be found in the Admission of International Students policy (

The Affidavit Acknowledgement Form must be completed for students who wish to apply or enroll in programs of study and courses at HGTC that require one or more Criminal Background Check and/or Urine Drug Screen review.

Minimum Age Requirement for Admissions

It is the policy of Horry-Georgetown Technical College that applicants for admission to the College must be eighteen (18) years of age or older or possess a high school diploma or its equivilent.

Under certain circ*mstances, an applicant under the age of eighteen (18) who has not graduated from high school may be admitted through special agreement between the College and the principal or appropriate school official of the school where the applicant has been, or is, attending.

In the case of an applicant from a home school, the agreement must be between the College and district administrator from the school district and/or an authorized education agency which has jurisdiction over the home school.

Documents for Course Placement

The documents listed below are used for course placement.

  1. High School Transcripts or GED Certificate

    A high school diploma or GED certificate is required for college admission for specific programs and used for course placement.

    Multiple Measures - a review process used to determine course placement based on high school performance or GED College Ready score of 165 or higher in Reading through Language Arts and Mathematical reason.

  2. College/University Transcripts

    College and university transcripts are not a prerequisite for college admission but may be used for course placement.

  3. Test Scores

    SAT, ACT, or College placement scores are not a prerequisiste for college admission but may be used for course placement.

Open Admissions Policy | Horry Georgetown Technical College (2024)
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