HGTC Celebrates Class of 2024 (2024)

HGTC Celebrates Class of 2024 (1)
HGTC President, Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, presides over HGTC’s 58th Commencement Ceremony on May 1, 2024 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) is proud to announce that over 1,500 students received degrees, diplomas, or certificates from Horry-Georgetown Technical College this year, and over 700 of them marched at HGTC’s commencement ceremony Wednesday, May 1 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.

Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC’s President, honorably presided over the ceremony and celebrated the many successes of the Class of 2024.

“Our graduates deserve recognition for their hard work and dedication to their goals. They have proven their strength to endure and not given in when faced with difficult challenges. Our graduates possess the qualities needed to succeed and have the spirit ofresiliency, determination, and perseverance. The entire HGTC family celebrates the accomplishments of our students, and we look forward to celebrating the many successes in the next chapter of their lives,” said Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC President.

Graduates’ ages ranged from 16 to 70, and students came from states as far away as Arizona, Vermont, and Wisconsin, territories as far away as Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, and countries as far away as Colombia, Ecuador, Nigeria, Morocco, Georgia, India, and Russia.

A number of awards and honors were given during the ceremony:

  • Tanya Moser, HGTC Graduate, received the HGTC Service and Leadership Award.
  • Christine Farrior, HGTC Chair and Professor of Phlebotomy, received the HGTC Professor of the Year Award.
  • Stephanie Danesie, HGTC Administrative Coordinator, received the HGTC Staff of the Year Award.
  • Keith Price, Superintendent, Georgetown County School District, received the HGTC Distinguished Patron Award.
  • Demetrius Williams, Principal, Early College High School, received the HGTC Distinguished Patron Award.

This was HGTC’s fifty-eighth commencement.

Service & Leadership Award 2024 – Tanya Moser

HGTC Celebrates Class of 2024 (2)Tanya Moser, HGTC Service and Leadership Award 2024-Graduate; Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC President; and Dr. Melissa Batten, HGTC Vice President for Student Affairs

The Service and Leadership award is presented to an exceptional student who best exemplifies the values of HGTC. Recipients make significant leadership contributions and demonstrate the values of responsible citizenship.

The 2024 recipient of the HGTC Service & Leadership Award is an individual whose tireless efforts, exemplary leadership, and profound impact have truly set her apart. This individual has distinguished herself academically and demonstrated an unparalleled dedication to service, embodying the very essence of what it means to be a leader. As an active member of our HGTC Phi Theta Kappa chapter, she consistently exemplified the hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Fellowship. She served as a role model as a non­traditional student obtaining her associate degree. She balanced a full-time job while going to college and serving the chapter as an officer. Her passion for service knows no bounds, and her impact extends far beyond the confines of our campus. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with an Associate in Applied Science in Paralegal Studies.

Professor of the Year Award 2024 – Christine Farrior

HGTC Celebrates Class of 2024 (3)
Professor Charles Granger, HGTC Professor of the Year 2023; Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC President; Professor Christine Farrior, HGTC Professor of the Year 2024-Chair/Professor of Phlebotomy; and Mr. Tim Tilley, Chairman of the HGTC Foundation

More than two decades ago, HGTC began a tradition of recognizing a member of our full-time faculty for instructional excellence, contributions to students’ growth and development, and contributions to the academic reputation of the college. The College continued that tradition this year with the naming of the outstanding “Professor of the Year.” This year’s honoree was presented with the college mace and will serve as grand marshal at the 2025 commencement ceremony.

The 2024 HGTC Professor of the Year embodies the very essence of an unwavering commitment to the success of students. This professor’s journey in academia began nearly a decade ago, a journey marked by hours of hard work and an unyielding belief in the transformative power of education. Throughout the tenure at HGTC, this professor has challenged students, instilling within them the values of integrity, diligence, and academic honesty. Her mantra, "There is no sitting in phlebotomy," echoes not only in the halls of the institution but also in the hearts of all those whose lives she has touched. As a Phlebotomy Professor, she has imparted knowledge and an environment of inclusivity, ensuring that every student feels empowered to achieve their full potential. Her tireless dedication knows no bounds, as she goes above and beyond, always with a smile on her face and a genuine concern for the well-being of her students. But her impact extends far beyond the walls of our college. From her tenure as a Phlebotomist at Tidelands Hospital to her role as a Clinical and Lab Coordinator, she’s demonstrated commitment to excellence, serving as a mentor, a guide, and a source of inspiration for countless individuals. In the words of her dear son, Ricky, "Perseverance isn’t always just about getting through the rough parts of a day or situation. It’s when everything might be going wrong in your life, yet you somehow find a way to make someone else’s day better. I’ve seen days when my mother put everything she had into her students to make sure every single one of them succeeded. She’s a prime example of not just perseverance but also strength and grace." As her son attests, though her journey has been marked by both triumphs and tribulations, she’s faced every challenge with courage and resilience. Her late husband, watching from above, would undoubtedly be bursting with pride at the woman his beloved wife has become.

Staff of the Year Award 2024 – Stephanie Danesie

HGTC Celebrates Class of 2024 (4)
Mrs. Stephanie Danesie, HGTC Staff of the Year 2024-Administrative Coordinator; Dr. Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC President; Mr. Tim Tilley, Chairman of the HGTC Foundation; and Mrs. Jackie Snyder, HGTC Vice President for Human Resources

Just as HGTC recognizes excellence in teaching, the college also honors a member of the full-time staff for exemplary service. The recipient receives an award from the College and the HGTC Foundation.

From the moment our 2024 HGTC Staff of the Year joined HGTC in 2016, their unwavering commitment to excellence has been nothing short of exemplary. Early on, she attended the Strayer Business School, where she completed a non-credit Accounting Program. Her pursuit of continuous learning led her to the University of Baltimore where she graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Since joining our college, she has held roles within our administrative offices. From her tenure as Administrative Coordinator in the Office of the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs to her current position in the President's Office, her dedication has been nothing short of exceptional. In her role as Administrative Coordinator, she serves as the backbone of the President's Office. Moreover, her commitment to serving others is remarkable. Through her involvement with the HGTC Pantry, she has worked diligently to combat food insecurity within our community, dedicating countless hours to ensuring the pantry's success. From staffing information tables during Welcome Week Events to organizing donations and preparing annual reports, her dedication knows no bounds. Her selflessness has made a profound impact on the lives of many within our community. This individual's impact extends far beyond the confines of the office. As a devoted wife to her husband, Gordon, a loving mother to her children, Amethyst and Dustin, and a precious grandmother to her grandson, Rylan, she embodies the values of family and community, enriching the lives of those around her through selflessness and compassion. Her daughter, Amethyst, provided this quote about Stephanie, “As a mother and an integral staff member, she is the epitome of a Velvet Hammer. She leads with kindness, intelligence, and grace, yet maintains the highest standards. In turn, those who are privileged enough to know or work alongside her exceed their goals.”

Distinguished Patron Awards 2024 – Keith Price, Demetrius Williams

The Distinguished Patron Award is presented to someone who has made significant contributions to the HGTC community and beyond.

Keith Price – Superintendent, Georgetown County School District

HGTC Celebrates Class of 2024 (5)
Dr Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC President; Mr. Keith Price, Superintendent, Georgetown County School District; Mr. Tommy Branyon, HGTC Area Commission Chairman

Mr. Keith Price has exemplified visionary leadership, spearheading initiatives aimed at fostering academic success and creating a supportive learning environment for all. Mr. Price has proven to be an invaluable partner and supporter of HGTC in Georgetown County. Through his guidance, the Georgetown County School District secured a federal Magnet School Assistance Program Grant, establishing the Carver’s Bay Early College and Career High School. Additionally, Mr. Price significantly contributed to the development of the innovative Teach to Teal Pathway, providing Georgetown County high school students with early access to a career in education. But Mr. Price's dedication to education extends beyond administrative roles. With 27 years of experience as an educator, he’s served in various capacities, from teaching mathematics to assuming administrative positions. A lifelong learner himself, Mr. Price has pursued advanced degrees in educational leadership, currently working towards his doctorate degree from the University of South Carolina.He serves on the Clemson University Board of Visitors and the Coastal Carolina University Board of Visitors. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Mr. Price is a devoted family man, sharing his life with his wife Janet and their four daughters: Amanda, Camryn, Lauren, and Micah. Keith, thank you for your support of HGTC.

Demetrius Williams – Principal, Horry County Early College High School

HGTC Celebrates Class of 2024 (6)
Dr Marilyn Murphy Fore, HGTC President; Ms. Demetrius Williams, Principal, Early College High School; and Mr. Tommy Branyon, HGTC Area Commission Chairman

With a career spanning 29 years in public education, she’s been a guiding force in shaping young minds and fostering a culture of academic achievement. Beginning her journey as a social studies teacher in 1992, Ms. Williams quickly distinguished herself as a beacon of inspiration within the classroom. Her passion for teaching and commitment to student success propelled her to new heights, earning her accolades such as the prestigious Horry County Schools Teacher of the Year in 2005. A proud alumna and teacher in Horry County Schools, Ms. Williams's commitment to her alma mater has been unwavering. Armed with a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education Social Studies and a master's degree in History from the University of South Carolina, she has continually sought to expand her knowledge and expertise in the field of education. Under her leadership, Horry County Early College High School has earned prestigious accolades. Perhaps most notably, the school's recognition as the third best public high school in South Carolina in 2023 is a testament to Ms. Williams's commitment to academic excellence. HGTC honors Ms. Demetrius Williams with the Distinguished Patron Award to celebrate her remarkable achievements in making Horry County Early College High School one of the best high schools in the nation.

HGTC Celebrates Class of 2024 (2024)
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