Wild scenes from spring break gathering along Savannah beach (2024)

Spring break celebrations devolved into chaos at the annual Orange Crush gathering in Savannah as shocking videos show topless brawls and mounds of garbage washing into the ocean.

The Orange Crush is a college spring break party on Tybee Island in the popular Georgia resort town. One video showed piles of trash along the coastline being swept into the ocean.

Another video captured the shocking moment when a fight erupts on the beach's boardwalk as several women violently punch and scratch each other - and several have their tops fly off.

The out-of-control scene led some on social media to ask 'When did Tybee Island become such a s*** show?'

Despite the shocking videos, local and state officials were quick to praise the 2024 gatherings with one stating:'In general, everyone is getting along fairly well.'

At this year's Orange Crush event, some unruly partiers exchanged blows while other attendees cheered them on. The footage was one of several shocking social media posts from the annual Savannah, Georgia, spring break gathering

At this year's Orange Crush, some attendees left litter strewn along the shore, from where it was washed away into the ocean

The video of the fight, which has almost 65,000 views on X.com, showed the women pummeling one another while other revelers flank the boardwalk's length and cheer the fighters.

Amid the brawl, some of the women had their tops pulled down or pushed out of place. Some of the women stopped fighting and attempted to clothe themselves. Another woman, in a green swimsuit, could be seen continuing to fight, even after her breasts were revealed.

In one horrific moment, a shorter woman with fire orange hair pulled another woman down to the ground by her hair and then started beating her before being pulled away by other women.

Later in the video, the same woman with orange hair threw a punch at a woman in a green bikini that was so violent it momentarily snapped the other woman's head back.

Throughout the nearly two-and-a-half-minute long video, men and women applaud and shout enthusiastically as the women on the boardwalk exchange blows.

Some of the combatants could be seen stepping away from the fracas, dazed and trying to repair their hair.

Toward the end of the video, a man appeared to be running beside the boardwalk, swinging a woman's torn extensions around in the air.

Commenters on the video expressed incredulity at the violent scene. One commenter expressed their surprise that the women were the ones who were fighting: 'So what I gather is that girls are more aggressive than guys.'

And one person wrote: 'I thought they shut Orange Crush down because of this.'

During the fight, several women pummeled one another and snatched at each other's hair

The trash stretched along the length of the shore. Some responsible partiers assisted in cleaning it up

Nearly 6,000 partiers arrived at Tybee Island for this year's event. Last year, the city struggled to handle some of the more obstreperous attendees

Another video, which was uploaded to TikTok, documented the amount of litter that was strewn along the shore.

In the video, empty beer cans and liquor bottles, as well as other detritus, stretched along the sand and were washed into the ocean. Hundreds of people were along the coastline with the trash, but few seemed to be doing any cleaning.

The video elicited angry responses from some viewers as one commenter wrote: 'Wow, it's not hard to use the trashcan.'

And another person offered this stern rebuke: 'If you can't respect the beach, stay away from the beach.'

This year's Orange Crush drew over 6,000 partiers to Tybee Island, a majority of whom were college students from HBCUs.

Despite the chaotic footage circulating online, state and local officials said Saturday's event was a calm affair.

The event occurs every year and is predominantly composed of college students

At this year's Orange Crush, there were plenty of calm and considerate partiers who conducted themselves responsibly

Speaking with WSAV3, Major Bob Holley of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources said: 'The behavior has been pretty good today. We’ve responded to a few medical calls with the Tybee medical authorities and that’s pretty much the extent of what we’ve done today.'

Before the big celebration got underway on Saturday, the city of Tybee took precautions to try to prevent a repeat of last year's Orange Crush, at which event, more than 100,000 partiers descended on the three-mile island.

The city's police force was severely overstrained and struggled to address the reports of gunfire, fist fights and drug overdoses during the 2023 event.

Chatham County refused to rent out the pier's pavilion, where many out-of-control partiers gathered last year.

In an interview with WTOC11, a local news outlet, Tybee's Interim City Manager, Michelle Owens, said the pier had been 'locked down to be a staging area for law enforcement.'

Although footage of the fighting spring-breakers quickly gained traction online, there were other videos of revelers peacefully lounging on the beach, enjoying their vacation time.

One Orange Crush attendee explained to WSAV3 that the violent partiers are not indicative of the entire group.

'We just get together and want to have fun. The little rotten apples, we throw them away,' Bailo Diallo said.

'There’s a couple of people here and there but that don’t define everybody.'

Miami Beach announced a curfew and other draconian measures in an effort to stop spring-breakers from flooding their town in 2024

Spring Break students declared Fort Lauderdale as the 'new Miami' after a judge threw out the lawsuit filed by three South Beach nightclubs to lift the midnight curfew

Many vehicles were pulled over by Fort Lauderdale cops who set up a DUI checkpoint along the seafront, with those playing loud music and revving engines also spoken to

Students spoken to by DailyMail.com said they planned to continue the party for the rest of the week – with some openly smoking weed in full view of the police. Pictured: Students on the beach with large bottles labeled 'taste the rainborg'

Tybee Island is only the latest beach town having to contend with rowdy spring-break attendees.

Earlier this year, Miami Beach announced a curfew and other draconian measures in an effort to stop spring-breakers from flooding their town. During the two previous spring-break events, deadly shootings rocked the city.

They launched a video campaign in which they broke up with the spring-break celebration.

Undeterred by Miami's rejection, college students flocked to Ft. Lauderdale, where they partied and drank despite police supervision.

Thousands flocked to Florida beaches – with many drinking and some fighting in front of cops before passing out.

DailyMail.com witnessed revelers doing drugs, playing beer pong and cheering on fights between girls – who celebrated fending off their opposition by twerking in the middle of a baying crowd.

Mayor of Fort Lauderdale Dean Trantalis welcomed the students with open arms, saying: ‘We want you to come back next year. We want you to come back in future years.’

University of Buffalo student Kaiya Washington, 22, told DailyMail.com that she headed for Fort Lauderdale because of the chaos and fatalities that had plagued Miami in previous years.

‘We’ve come for a week, last year we heard a lot about shootings in Miami and it generally being unsafe, so we came here,’ she said.

‘We’re so glad that we did, especially with the curfews and the cops being so strict in Miami – and we haven’t really heard of any shootings or much trouble here.’

Wild scenes from spring break gathering along Savannah beach (2024)
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