Wizard101 Celestia Main Quest Line Guide - Final Bastion (2024)

Wizard101 Celestia Main Quest Line Guide - Final Bastion (1)

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Questing through the higher worlds can be time consuming. Especially if you’re questing by yourself, you can take ages to complete a world. In times like those, it can be helpful to see your progress: see which areas you’ve done and which ones are still ahead of you. This guide is meant to give you courage while questing. By following the quests in this guide, you can see exactly how many more collect and defeat (C&D) quests you still have before you can move on to the next area. I hope this guide will help you keep going, as you see the list of quests get shorter and shorter with every step you take.

I’m only listing the main quest line quests, aka storyline quests, which means the ones you have to do in order to get to the next area. Side quests are not mentioned. For each world, I list the quests you have to do in a certain area. The areas are listed in the order you should do them in (unless otherwise specified). The area is not always one hundred percent correct, as certain quests can require you to run back and forward between areas to talk to people. To simplify matters, I have not listed this kind of running; the quest will say “talk” but not where the NPC is located. Also, if there is only one quest in an area, I will not mention the area separately. Between brackets are the different parts of the quest, as sometimes a quest will require you to do multiple things.

I have divided the quests in the Spiral into the following groups:

  • Talk: Quests that require an interaction with an NPC.
  • Mob: Quests that require the defeat of regular monsters.
  • D&C: Quests that require the collection of something from certain monsters (Defeat and Collect).
  • Boss: Quests that require the defeat of a boss. Elite monsters are not counted as bosses.
  • Cheat: Quests the require the defeat of a cheating boss.
  • Double boss: Quests that require the defeat of two bosses at once.
  • Instance: Quests that require the completion of a dungeon.
  • Puzzle: Quests that require the solution to a puzzle.
  • Interact: Quests that require interaction with a certain object.
  • Collect: Quests that require interaction with multiple items of a kind.
  • Explore: Quests that just require you to run towards a certain area, NPC or item.

Wizard101 Celestia Main Quest Line Guide - Final Bastion (2)

Celestia has a total of 95 quests. Of those quests, 21 are Defeat and Collect quests, and 24 regular mob fights. Celestia has 26 bosses, of which only the last 3 are cheaters. There are 4 instances: The Stellarium, The Portico, The Chancel and Trial of the Spheres.

Personally, I liked Trial of the Spheres a lot. The puzzles were a lot of fun to figure out, though I have to admit I still don’t know how one of them works (the one on the right). The last room, Sanctum of the Sun, was the perfect spot for a picture with friends.

Survey Camp

  1. Door to the Stars (talk + explore + talk)
  2. Deeper and Deeper (talk)
  3. Survivors (talk 4x)
  4. Taking Notes (interact + talk)
  5. Fixing a Hole (D&C + talk + collect + talk)
  6. Off the Map (collect + talk + D&C + talk + explore + boss + talk)
  7. Rub-A-Dub (interact + talk)
  8. Breathing Room (interact + talk)

The Grotto

9. Whole Lotta Grotto (talk)
10. Crustacean Nation (D&C + talk)
11. Coral of the Story (collect + talk)
12. Shocking News (interact + mob + interact + talk)
13. Pack Crabs (D&C + explore + talk)
14. The Starfish Chamber (explore + boss + talk)
15. My Dinner with Algae (D&C + interact + boss + interact + talk)
16. Johnny-on-the-Spot (talk + interact + talk)

Wizard101 Celestia Main Quest Line Guide - Final Bastion (3)

District of the Stars

17. Just Popping In (talk)
18. Explorer101 (explore + talk + D&C + talk)
19. Star Cores (interact + talk)
20. Forging Ahead (interact + talk)
21. Reference Materials (talk + collect + talk)
22. Putting Pieces Together (explore + explore + talk)
23. Tide and Tile (D&C + explore + explore + talk)
24. Turning Tiles (interact + talk)
25. Archivist, Revisited (talk)
26. Con Job (interact 4x + talk)
27. Teeth of the Shark (interact + talk + explore + boss + talk)
28. Into the Stellarium (interact)
29. A Star is Born (instance: explore + boss + interact + explore + boss)
28. Into the Stellarium (interact + talk)

Instance name: The Stellarium

The Floating Land

30. On the Waterfront (talk)
31. Spirit of the Sea (mob + talk)
32. A Stormy Offering (collect + interact + talk)
33. Claw of the Jungle (boss + boss + talk)
34. Distress Call (talk)
35. Gahlwok This Way (explore + boss + talk)
36. Celestian Idol (collect + talk)
37. Almost Friends (mob + talk + explore + boss + talk)
38. Crash of the Sky-Fish (talk + talk)
39. As the Water Falls (D&C + talk)
40. Barking up the Tree (talk + talk)
41. Let’s Go Bowling (explore + talk)
42. Cutting Crew (collect + talk + interact + talk)

Wizard101 Celestia Main Quest Line Guide - Final Bastion (4)


43. To Stormriven! (talk)
44. It’s the Plumber (interact + interact + talk)
45. Ghosts of Celestia (D&C + interact + mob + interact + talk)
46. The Moon Below (interact + talk)
47. Celestian Leftovers (talk + talk)
48. Stars and Shadow (interact + talk + D&C + talk)
49. Inevitable Betrayal (interact + boss + talk)
50. A Sunny Disposition (talk)
51. Storm Shards (D&C + D&C + interact + talk)
52. Kraken Up (interact + mob + mob + boss + talk)

District of the Stars

53. A Old Sea Chantry (talk)
54. In For Repairs (interact 3x + talk)
55. Lunarium Tunes (interact + talk)
56. Dark Side of the Moon (instance: mob + interact + talk + mob 3x + interact)
57. Pylon Raiders (instance: interact + collect + mob + boss + explore)
58. Destination: Moon (interact + interact + talk)

Instance name: The Portico

Science Center

59. Scientific Method (talk)
60. Steamed Up (mob + talk)
61. Spare Parts (interact + D&C + talk)
62. Lightning in a Bottle (collect + collect + talk)
63. Follow the Leader (talk)
64. Steam-Bot Attack (mob + mob + talk)
65. Galvanic Company (interact + interact + talk)
66. Tower of Power (interact 4x + talk)
67. Cogitator Investigator (D&C + explore + talk)
68. Powering Up (D&C + interact + talk)
69. Parts Is Parts (interact + talk)
70. Cracking the Books (explore + mob + interact + talk)
71. Crystal Fight (interact + D&C + interact + interact + D&C + interact + mob + interact + explore + boss + talk)
72. Pieces of the Sun (interact + talk)

Wizard101 Celestia Main Quest Line Guide - Final Bastion (5)

Crustacean Empire

73. To the Solarium! (explore + talk)
74. Something’s Fishy (mob + mob + talk)
75. Forewarned Is… (interact + talk)
76. Ring of Authority (D&C + talk)
77. Fire in the Sea (explore + boss + talk)
78. Plunkett, I Presume? (talk 3x)
79. Breaking the Mold (interact + talk)
80. Stir of Echoes (D&C + talk)
81. Armed to the Gills (explore + double boss + talk)
82. The Back Door (talk + mob + mob + talk)
83. Shot in the Dark (interact + talk)
84. X Marks the Spot (talk + D&C + talk)
85. Finding the Way (explore 4x + boss + talk)
86. Calypso Queen (explore + boss + talk)
87. Treasure This (explore + interact + talk)
88. Let’s Mako Deal (explore + boss + talk)
89. The Final Frontier (interact + talk)

The Chancel

90. The Sun of All Fears (instance: explore)
91. Tears of the Sun (instance: explore + D&C)
92. The Sun Also Rises (instance: explore + interact + mob)
93. The Big Guy (instance: boss 3x + interact 3x + boss)
90. The Sun of All Fears (interact + talk)

Sanctum of the Sun

94. Trial of the Spheres (instance: puzzle 3x + cheat + mob 4x + interact 4x +cheat + puzzle + cheat)
95. Through This Door… (talk + talk)

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Wizard101 Celestia Main Quest Line Guide - Final Bastion (2024)


What level should you do celestia in wizard101? ›

I have done all side quests in Wizard city through Dragonspyre and I'm on Wintertusk but have not done any of it. Is this average? In order to start questing in Celestia, you need to be at least level 48 and have defeated Malistaire.

How many main quests are in Celestia? ›

Celestia has a total of 95 quests. Of those quests, 21 are Defeat and Collect quests, and 24 regular mob fights. Celestia has 26 bosses, of which only the last 3 are cheaters.

Where are the research notes in Survey Camp? ›

Go into the instanced area the Labyrinth. Once you go in, go into the first building on your right. When you enter, you will see a pile of rubble with tents on either side of it. Go up the rubble and you should be able to select "x" and there you have the research notes.

Is wintertusk or celestia harder? ›

Wintertusk (for level 40+) become available at approximately the same time as Celestia (level 48+). It just so happens that Celestia is also the world when the quest difficulty drastically increases. This can cause problems for a lot of players.

What's the longest world in Wizard101? ›

Did you know Krokotopia is Wizard101's largest world with 20 areas to date?

What happens if you ascend to Celestia? ›

In-game model

It is said that only mortals who perform great, heroic feats can ascend to Celestia and achieve godhood, where they will watch over their people from above. All Vision wielders are "allogenes" who have the potential to reach godhood.

Who is the final boss of Celestia? ›

Sealed away in the Solar Sanctum, Mithraya is the final Boss of Celestia. Two additional Stellar Protector (Boss) Minions appear if more than two Wizards are present.

What is the purpose of the survey camp? ›

Survey camp is a traditional component of civil engineering training, where students do fieldwork to learn about surveying and related practices, such as developing maps.

Where is the grotto in celestia in wizard101? ›

In order to enter this area, wizards must first activate the Celestian Water Breathing Device during the quest Breathing Room. There is a Teleporter located in the southwest area of the map, near Rupert Fleming, that connects to another Teleporter in The Brambles, near Coral Castle in the northeast area of map.

Is there a level requirement for Celestia? ›

Access to Celestia requires at least level 44 and completion of The Final Countdown quest. The quests below are not required in order to enter Celestia.

What level do you get to go to Celestia? ›

Entering Celestia

You have to be level 48 or higher to enter the underwater world of Celestia.

What level should I be for Dragonspyre? ›

Dragonspyre = beginning at around level 47-48 which is a big level due to pet acquirement and possibly learning an AE spell. I do all of Zeke's quests for the additional Training Points and the side quests for the additional gold and experience. I hope this helps your question, and best of luck to you.

What level do you have to be to go to Zafaria wizard101? ›

In your case, you need to advance one level to level 55. I'd suggest finishing up a few side quests and even completing Grizzleheim and Wintertusk before you try Zafaria. When it was originally released, it was intended for wizards level 60 & above.

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